Hi. Specs2 is one of the most popular Scala libraries for testing, but definitely not a simple one. That’s why I’ve decided to create a blog post with a few tricks on how to make working with Specs2 much easier. The examples are 100% artificial, but their purpose is only to demonstrate the capabilities of Specs2. Read more

Hi, in this post series we’ll create a really simple (yet complete) event-sourced game. It won’t be anything spectacular thus its rules are as simple as:

  • game creator specifies players taking part
  • each player, one after another, has an opportunity to roll the dice
  • each player’s opportunity to roll is time limited, if player won’t roll within the limit, his opportunity is gone
  • winners are all players who share the highest rolled number

With these simple rules it’s barely playable but who cares, at least it’s event-sourced!

Full source code is available on GitHub.

Let’s go… Read more