In this post, we will look at how primitive Scala types such as Int and Long are represented down to the bytecode level. This will help us understand what the performance effects of using them in generic classes are. We will also explore the functionalities that the Scala compiler provides us for mitigating such performance penalties.

Furthermore, we will take a look at concrete benchmark results and convince ourselves that boxing/unboxing can have a significant effect on the latency of an application. Read more

Seasoned speakers have a saying “there are two groups of people: those who use speaking skills to improve their lives and those who are too scared to seize the opportunity”. I think it hits the mark. Communication skills are in high demand in every industry, from marketing to IT.

For us, developers, good communication and speaking skills mean fewer conflicts and misunderstandings in our teams, better chance to be promoted, more opportunities to influence the direction the codebase and product are going, more visibility for our side projects, better opportunities for career advancement and much more.

This post aims to help you “level up” your communication skills by picking up Public Speaking at meetups and conferences. If you didn’t give any (or gave just a few) speeches before or you are considering giving it a try, then this post is for you. I compiled advice from people who were beginners just like you, but worked to improve their skills. Read more

Interface Builder (IB for short) was announced as a part of Xcode 4 in June 2010, at the WWDC. Since that moment, Apple has been promoting and improving it with each significant Xcode update. At the moment IB is a well-established solution which comes with every new iOS project created in Xcode.

However… recently articles illustrating advantages of life without Interface Builder are becoming viral. Moreover, there is a growing number of job offers for devs familiarized with libraries like SnapKit or Cartography which enhance the process of setting up Auto Layout constraints from code.

That shows that some developers are unhappy with IB and maybe they figured out a better solution. That pushed me to through and analyze common doubts related to IB and investigate if there are better alternatives to it. The most popular ones are described in this article. Read more