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Tubi x Scala: Why it works?

If you want to succeed in a World of ever-changing technology, you always need to be a step ahead of your competitors. Constantly pushing the boundaries is crucial if your business is to provide a flawless customer experience, and grow.

Today, we’re going to show you the perfect example of a company that wasn’t scared of scaling up machine experimentation with Scala.

And let us just take a sneak peek at that in one sentence:

“I love working with Scala” | Alexandros Bantis, backend Scala Developer at Tubi

The outcome is rather impressive, so read on to find out more about it!


5 things you should do to join Scalac

Every company has its own culture. So do we. We really love to work together as a team. Scalac started as a remote-friendly company without managers, and we continue with those values in mind. Remote work is only growing inside the company, and even though the flat structure isn’t that flat anymore you can still call our CEO by name, and we’ve got more roles rather than complicated structures. Startup atmosphere – as they call it – but we prefer to call it the Scalac’s atmosphere because we believe that the fact that we work hard, have fun, and do the right thing is something unique and great about our company.