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Public speaking for developers 101

Seasoned speakers have a saying “there are two groups of people: those who use speaking skills to improve their lives and those who are too scared to seize the opportunity”. I think it hits the mark. Communication skills are in high demand in every industry, from marketing to IT. For us, developers, good communication and […]

Learning Scala macros with Each

In this post we will discuss Each. Each allows Scala users to write imperative syntax, which is later on translated into scalaz monadic expressions. In a way, it’s adding syntactic sugar on top of ordinary Scala. Simplicity and the way it extends ordinary code caught my attention, so I’ve decided to dig deeper. This post will […]

On working remotely

The challenge In Scalac we view remote work as a challenge not as a hindrance. In many companies working remotely, from home or even from another town, is a taboo. No manager there would allow that. They justify it with “decreased productivity” and “difficult communication”. And they are right … as long as we talk […]

Introducing Scala Slack Bot

Motivation In Scalac we believe that communication is essential in IT and that projects with inefficient information sharing are doomed to fail. Fortunately for us it doesn’t always mean that putting people in one place is the only way. More often it’s about creating the right spirit for exchanging knowledge and providing ways to do […]