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Shapeless Monads

Small retrospection In my previous blog post we talked about shapeless and how it could be applied to enhance how you work with Futures. Even though we were focused on Futures, our goal wasn’t to provide the best and ultimate util to deal with them, but to demonstrate how shapeless can help us build functions that are more flexible […]

Shapeless Futures

Futures today Today, when reactive programming is so popular concept and you can see ‘We’re reactive!’ claim on so many pages that have anything to do with scala (and not only), Futures are something you have to deal all the time.

Null, NullPointerException and dealing with it

Null is evil The concept of Null Reference is sometimes referred to as “The Billion Dollar Mistake”. Such pejorative description has been forged by Sir Anthony Hoare, (you can learn more here) probably most widely known for developing Quicksort, but ironically, also the man who first introduced nulls to ALGOL. But why is null A […]