Scalendar Scala conferences 2024

Scalendar June 2024

Scalendar Scala conferences 2024

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Welcome to June Scalendar! Join us in exploring conferences, meetups, and gatherings that promise to enrich your knowledge, expand your professional network, and inspire your career path. From Tokyo to Atlanta, Vienna to Rome, experts and enthusiasts from the global tech community come together to share knowledge, experiences and – last but not least – simply have a fantastic time together. Check out the Scala, Frontend, and Software Architecture events taking place throughout June!

Scala Conferences in June 2024

The Atlanta Scala Meetup

scala conferences 2024

The Atlanta Scala Meetup gathers virtually on the first Tuesday of each month, bringing together Scala practitioners to build a vibrant community. These meetups give participants the opportunity to connect with peers, learn about new technologies and connect with potential employers or talent. Each and every session features a blend of community interactions, expert speakers, and hands-on workshops.

Scala Matsuri

scala conferences 2024

ScalaMatsuri is Asia’s largest Scala conference. This offline event includes a training day on June 7th, followed by conference and open mic sessions on June 8th and 9th. Day 1 starts with an opening session, followed by a series of presentations including topics like “Easy Scala with the com.lihaoyi Ecosystem”, “Scala to WebAssembly,” and “Usefulness of Project Loom in Scala.” Day 2 begins with sessions such as “How do we optimize Scala build times?” and “Property-based testing”. Both days feature a mix of English and Japanese presentations covering various Scala-related topics.

Dallas Scala Enthusiasts

scala conferences 2024

This time group explores Capture Checking, an extension to Scala’s type system designed to validate, at compile time, the permissibility of object references captured by newly created objects. Participants are encouraged to suggest topics and bring questions, with presentations welcomed from all skill levels.

ScalaBridge London

scala conferences 2024

ScalaBridge London is hosting its third summer term event at Orgvue. This community-focused group is dedicated to helping people learn and improve their programming skills, with a special emphasis on fostering cultural diversity and supporting women in tech. This term’s advanced topic is Cats Effects, along with material for new programmers.


Front End Performance Day

frontend conferences 2024

Front End Performance Day is a hybrid event by WeAreDevelopers, offering insights into cutting-edge techniques in responsive web design, interactive animations, performance profiling, and more to optimize front-end development. Whether attending online or in person at WeAreDevelopers HQ in Vienna, you’ll learn from industry leaders through tech talks and hands-on sessions. Featured speakers include Chris Heilmann, Clemens Helm, and Rainer Stropek, covering topics from efficient coding practices to leveraging Server-Sent Events.

Frontend Nation

frontend conferences 2024

Join the largest free online frontend event from the creators of Vue.js Nation, Nuxt Nation, and Vue.js Forge. Peer into the future of frontend development with 40 expert speakers, hands-on coding challenges, Q&A sessions, and panel talks covering JavaScript, React, Vue.js, Angular, Laravel, Svelte, and more. This global event offers unique opportunities to learn from top industry leaders like Evan You, Kent C. Dodds, and Angie Jones while hanging out with a community of fellow developers.


frontend conferences 2024

Meet.js meetup offers engaging presentations for JavaScript enthusiasts of all levels. The agenda includes talks by Yegor Stopkin on implementing WCAG for inclusive websites, Paweł Piątek on the latest features in React 19, and Norbert Wójtowicz on lessons learned from maintaining a 3000-year-old Gregorian calendar codebase. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet fellow developers, share knowledge, and enjoy networking. Reserve your spot and be part of the tech community!

CityJS Athens

frontend conferences 2024

CityJS Athens is a three-day event, featuring two days of warm-up workshops and meetups followed by a one-day JavaScript conference. Attendees can participate in a range of workshops, including security, TypeScript, NodeJS, React, and Angular, held at various locations in Athens. The main conference on June 8 will be hosted at the “Michael Cacoyannis” Foundation, offering two tracks and featuring 25 speakers discussing the latest in JavaScript and frontend development.

WarsawJS Meetup

WarsawJS Meetup

Besides networking opportunities, this event features three insightful talks: “The Power of Property-Based Testing in TypeScript” by Michał Miszczyszyn, “Multi-tenant Apps with Single-tenant SQLite Databases in Global Tigris Buckets” by Szymon Mentel, and “Type Level Programming in TypeScript” by Mieszko Sabo.


  • June 13 (hybrid in Amsterdam) & June 17 (remote), 2024
  • Amstardam, Netherlands / Online
JS Nation conference

This two-day, two-track event features over 50 speakers and attracts 1500 attendees in person, with an additional 10,000 joining remotely. Participants will explore the latest trends in JavaScript development, engage with the JS community, and network with industry leaders. The event includes hybrid networking, interactive entertainment, workshops, and a variety of speakers from notable projects like Astro, Vite, and WebAssembly.

Future Frontend 

Future Frontend 

This event offers a glimpse into the future of frontend development with two days of conference sessions and two days of hands-on workshops. Building on the success of its first edition in 2023, this event aims to gather up to 300 international and local developers to explore themes like artificial intelligence, web design, and web development. Featuring 25 speakers, eight themed sessions, and plenty of networking opportunities, the conference includes talks on topics like compilers, edge computing, green computing, and user interaction. Attendees can also join workshops on AI and TypeScript while enjoy the historic ambiance of Paasitorni. The event promises to deliver a blend of learning and social activities, including an afterparty, making it an ideal opportunity for developers, architects, and CTOs to gain new insights and connect with peers.

React Norway

React Norway conference

Join React the Viking Way at the React Norway conference, which promises an exciting day of talks on – you’ve guessed it! – React and front-end development as well as  networking activities  and general fun. The agenda includes engaging sessions with top speakers from the React community on topics like AI in front-end development, monorepos, React Query, Chrome DevTools, and more. For those unable to attend in person, a livestream and virtual experience are available.

React Summit

react summit conference

React Summit 2024 is the largest React conference worldwide, gathering over 10,000 developers with 60+ speakers, 1500 in-person attendees in Amsterdam, and featuring two tracks: Base Camp and Summit. This hybrid event offers both in-person and remote participation, with the first day streamed from Amsterdam and hybrid networking, while the second day and free workshops are streamed online. Highlights include keynotes from top names like Next.js, Excalidraw, and TypeScript, interactive entertainment, networking, while the second day and free workshops are streamed online. Highlights include keynotes from top names like Next.js, Excalidraw, and TypeScript, interactive entertainment, networking opportunities, and city tours in Amsterdam. Pre-events start on June 12 with community hangouts, and workshops span the entire month. Enjoy the festival vibe with a waterfront venue, JS art exhibition, OS awards, food trucks, and a React party.

meet.js Warsaw

meet.js Warsaw

Meet.js is returning to Warsaw on June 18, 2024, at the Snowflake office after a five-year hiatus. This free event, focused on the Web Community, features in-depth JavaScript sessions, including a talk on TypeScript utility types by Bartek Polańczyk and a training on asynchronous programming by Zbyszek Tenerowicz. The evening also includes a discussion panel and networking opportunities. Meet.js aims to remain an irregular, experimental, and community-driven event, collaborating with WarsawJS to enhance the local web development scene.


CascadiaJS 2024

Join CascadiaJS, the premier JavaScript conference in the Pacific Northwest. Held at the historic Town Hall, the event features a welcome reception, two days of inspiring talks and hands-on workshops by leading experts, and a day of outdoor activities exploring Seattle. Listen and engage with over 20 speakers covering the latest in web development and AI, participate in inclusive community events, and take advantage of job and startup fairs.

NG Rome  

NG Rome 2024

Join the largest Italian Angular conference. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge Angular and web tech trends over three days filled with learning and networking opportunities with experts and professionals from around the world. With six years of conferences featuring international speakers, well-executed workshops, and thriving communities, NGRome empowers growth and fosters collaboration among developers and leaders.

Software Architecture 


software architecture conference

Want to stay up to date with the latest trends in programming languages? Check out  JNation 2024! Java and JavaScript, Cloud & Infrastructures, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity – the have it all. Featuring tech sessions led by industry experts and hands-on workshops, JNation offers attendees the chance to learn, network, and grow. Explore sessions covering various technologies, practices, and methodologies.

Code Europe

software architecture conference

Experience the pinnacle of tech innovation at Code Europe. With over 300 top speakers, 15,000 participants, 459 workshops, and 187 partners, Code Europe offers insights and networking opportunities for software developers, architects, DevOps engineers, security experts, product owners, data scientists, and QA specialists. Delve into various conference  tracks covering topics such as cybersecurity, infrastructure/DevOps, development execution, programming languages or data & AI.

GOTO Amsterdam

software architecture conference

Don’t miss out on GOTO Amsterdam 2024, for many the ultimate software development conference. Engage with speakers covering various topics, gain insights from industry experts, and connect with fellow attendees. Explore emerging programming languages, advanced development methodologies, and DevOps tools to enhance your skills and stay ahead of the curve. With 20,000+ attendees, 200+ international speakers, and 50+ corporate partners, GOTO Amsterdam promises an unforgettable experience.

NDC Oslo

software architecture conference

Experience the ultimate gathering for software developers at NDC Oslo, hosted at Oslo Spektrum. With 160 sessions, 150 speakers, and 19 workshops, this conference promises insights and learning opportunities. Engage with industry experts like Troy Hunt, Scott Hunter, and Jodie Burchell, among others.

InfoQ Dev Summit

software architecture conference

Don’t miss out on the InfoQ Dev Summit in Boston, featuring talks on generative AI, security, modern web apps, and more – all delivered by senior software practitioners. Join this two-day event to gain clarity on today’s critical dev priorities through tech talks and connections with other experts.  Held at Boston University, this summit promises an enriching experience with over 20 talks, parallel breakout sessions, and extensive networking opportunities.


From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the historic landmarks of Rome and from the virtual corridors of online meetups to the vibrant stages of international conferences, the tech community continues to thrive and grow. As we bid farewell to May, let’s carry forward the knowledge, connections, and inspiration we’ve gained. Until next time!

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