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08.04.2021 / By Daria Karasek

How Outsourcing Can Solve Technical Debt

Technical debt has become widely prevalent nowadays. Since technology is constantly evolving, many businesses have to choose between acquiring new solutions or sticking with tried-and-tested ones. No right answer can be given to this hard choice. But even though debt sounds threatening for many, it doesn't always have to be.

30.03.2021 / By Marcin Krykowski

Top 15 Scala Libraries for Data Science in 2021

Python and R seem to be the first choice when it comes to data engineering. However, if we look a bit deeper, Scala is gaining more and more popularity. This is because, thanks to its functional nature, it is a more common choice when it comes to building powerful applications that need to cooperate with a vast amount of data.

23.03.2021 / By Tomasz Bogus

How To Tackle Technical Debt Quadrants?

You come across the term technical debt, read a little about this matter, know everything in theory, and you’re still not sure how to correctly identify whether some kind of design flaws are actually technical debt or not.  We have a solution that can help you with this issue – Technical Debt Quadrants. This method […]

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