Haskell/Scala Developer

cost to hire scala developers
3 years of programming experience
Experience with Scala or Haskell
scaling applications
needs to be US-based
Using Akka HTTP with Sangria as GraphQL backend
Proficiency in multiple back-end languages
Senior Scala Developer for hire

How will your day look like?

scala developer jobs
Kafka consulting
Flexible work mode

Imagine waking up in the morning (early as a bird or rather somewhere around noon, whatever “morning” means to you, we will respect that).

Senior Scala Developer – Health and Insurance Project for hire
Remote work

You drink your first cup of coffee wherever and however you like it best – it could be a cappuccino with hand-whipped foam in your own kitchen, an espresso as black as your ex’s soul from a coffee machine in our office, or one of the coworking spaces, or one of those trendy hipster coffees in your favorite coffee shop – however, you want it, the choice is yours. (It could even be coconut water under a palm tree as well – just saying ;))

kafka stream scala
Individually tailored development path

Just after lunch, you take a break (green juice this time as you’ve been limiting your coffee intake recently, or you can stick to the coconut water if you prefer) to have a meeting with one of the nicest Talent Heroes you’ve ever met. She has been taking care of your individual development needs and supporting you on your dream development path since the day you joined Scalac. Today, you are discussing how to use your 4,000 PLN of yearly development budget and company support for you following your Speaker’s role (you’re still wondering whether to choose the Mentor’s or Writer’s path).

What are the benefits?

scala developer jobs
Medical, dental, and vision coverage
401(k) Plan with a Company Match
Fitness Facility Reimbursement & Wellness Programs
10+ Paid holidays
Weekly Paid Lunches for In-Office Employees
Company-sponsored travel to conferences for professional development and training opportunities

Technologies that we work with

Join us and give yourself an opportunity to touch on some cutting-edge technologies.

scale application

Programming languages: Scala, Haskell, Java, Kotlin, Python

Kafka consulting

Libraries: Akka, ZIO, Cats, Spark, Play, Slick

hire dedicated scala developer

DBs:  MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, ElasticSearch

Scala agency

Messaging: Kafka, RabbitMQ

software development poc

Cloud providers: AWS

best practices in software development

Infrastructure: Docker, Kubernetes

What do we expect from you?

hire dedicated scala developer

Good programming and testing practices.

scala developer london

English at an advanced level.

cost to hire scala developers

Excellent communication skills, so you can communicate well with the technical team and our clients.

hire dedicated scala developer

Being a real team player.

software development poc

A proactive approach, “can do” attitude, growth mindset, problem-solving skills.

Scala agency

Independence in your tasks and decisions, while keeping the rest of the team in mind.

hire scala programmers

Get to know us better

For 9 years, our international team of over 100 developers has been helping large and small companies (from FinTech, Blockchain, eCommerce sector) to develop their IT projects. We have helped customers like Kreditech, Bexio, Tapad, Qvantel, and Cryptonomic. We have a 5/5 score on Clutch – check it out here.

For our clients, Scalac’s teams deliver exceptional tech skills, along with a lot of empathy, as one of our customers said himself here.

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Any other questions?

Here you can find answers to the most common questions

If you work remotely, how do you keep track of employees' work hours?

We are using tools like Clockify, Spreadsheets – it depends on every project. We have information from our clients that they need our developers for the full-time/specific tasks. We are working following these guidelines entering a specific number of hours into a worksheet.

Is cooperation other than the one based on B2B possible?

In the case of international contacts (with candidates and companies outside of Poland) – yes, only b2b contracts are possible. But in Poland, it is possible to choose between B2B, employment labor contract, and term contract.

What if I didn’t get any feedback yet?

If you are waiting for the feedback or need to have it quicker (because e.g., you are at the final stage of another recruitment process), please let your recruiter know by writing an email. The technical part of our process is conducted by our developers who are in the commercial projects at the same time, so sometimes they don’t have enough time to check it ASAP and need a little bit more time :) We are only human, and although we try not to forget about anything, sometimes it might happen, so feel free to contact us if you’re concerned about anything.

We also want to highlight that you don’t have to worry if you didn’t receive any feedback yet and think that you have been excluded from the recruitment process. We always get back to our candidates, regardless of what kind of news we have for them. Also, at the end of our recruitment process, we always ask about your feedback because we want our candidates to have an actual impact on the process, and we are always looking for new ways to improve.

Do we sign a contract for a specific project? What's next after the project ends?

We are hiring people to our company for permanent contracts, not for specific projects. We don’t know which project will be the best for the candidate at the recruitment process stage. We will decide it during the onboarding process with Project Managers and Business Development teams. When your project ends, we are looking for another one for you, and during this time, you will be responsible for our internal projects, helping in recruitment, writing blog posts, etc. – it depends on the current situation :)

Do I have to do the technical task immediately after a discovery talk?

You can choose the perfect day to receive the task at the end of the Discovery talk. The recruiter will ask you about the most convenient time. Scalac developers create the task, and we start counting 3, 5, or 7 days from the moment we send it to you (the number of days will be shown in the instruction to the task and mentioned during Discovery talk). After you complete it, send it back to the recruiter with information that you are ready to review :)

Why are the technical task and technical conversation separated?

For us, it is crucial to have the best people on board with a strong technical background who will fit our company culture. All steps of the recruitment process allow us to check it properly and ensure that both sides will be satisfied with a decision made regarding cooperation. The technical task shows us your coding skills, and technical conversation can show us your understanding of knowledge that you gained and your ability to explain to another person your point of view – we really appreciate this skill because we would like you to work as a consultant for our clients.

If I join Scalac, how will I receive my payment?

The short answer is we use SWIFT transfers for our remote employees, and we cover all the costs. Here you can find a whole article that explains it all in detail The Most Common Questions About Payments And Contracts

Still in doubt? Feel free to contact us!

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