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About our training

We offer 2 days, 8 hours each of intensive training done by one of our best consultants and most experienced Scala Developers, ZIO contributor and Spartan - Piotr Gołębiewski.
We plan to mix participants - some of them will be from Scalac, some of them the people who are applying here.
The regular price of the training is ~1.000 USD for 2 days of training. Now, we are offering this for just 200$ - with a full refund to those who stay, working with us.
The dates of the training will be confirmed based on the number of people registered.
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Training to choose from

scala 3 training for scala developers
Scala 3 for Scala Developers (by Ziverge) - 13.08.2021

Scala 3 is making Scala better. Learn how to use its full potential.
Training licensed by Ziverge.

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scala training
Introduction to ZIO, Functional Effects (by Ziverge) 19.07.2021

What’s next for Scala? We bet on ZIO. As John De Goes, and Ziverge partners, we contribute a lot to open source to make ZIO a reality. Join us on an introduction to ZIO training, to learn why it’s so good.

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scala training for java developers
Scala for Java Developers.

According to various reports, Scala Developers earn more than Java Developers. Scala is also one of the best directions to go to grow as a Developer. At Scalac, we know how to use your full potential, try us out.

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scala for java developers
Piotr Gołębiewski

Software Consultant with more than 10 years of experience in several programming languages (of which more than 5 in Scala). Contributor to ZIO, a type-safe, composable library for async and concurrent programming in Scala. Speaker at industry events – ZIO World, Scala Love, Functional World.

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If we decide to offer you a position at Scalac, and if you accept it, we will fully refund the training. Otherwise, the only cost for you will be 200$, a small fraction of the cost of the whole training
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Why Scalac?

best online programming course
Work hard

We prefer long-term solutions, not just cheap shortcuts. We want to learn and gain experience. We want you to use every opportunity to meet new people, explore new places and pursue your interests. We don’t take work home but we bring our home to work.


Have fun

We keep our work-life balance at a level that we’re sure will make you happy. We work smart and look for the best solutions, not just the easiest. See our Popestocks.

Do the right thing

We work with a passion until we solve problems! We build Scalac using our skills and with our full engagement. For us, the most important thing is to bring quality and deliver the best possible products to our clients.

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About Scalac

best online programming course

Scalac was born in 2014 to resolve the challenges associated with handling big data. Łukasz, Patryk, and Jakub saw these challenges and decided to act. The initial focus on developing in ScalaC helped us grow really fast.

Within the first few months of our existence as a Scala development company, we discovered a common trait among our customers. Businesses want to scale their operations using the most up-to-date technology.

Our team grew fast (100% annually isn’t unusual), and we delivered customized software solutions ranging from ScalaC through crypto to distributed systems.

From mere development to a full project realization (with frontend and backend teams, DevOps, project managers, etc.).

We work with a range of innovative companies around the world. It’s an honor to help them stir up their industries.

Scalac crew

scala training
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