Meet Mesmer Akka Agent, an OpenTelemetry instrumentation library for Akka applications.

Connect your application with the vendor agnostic world of OpenTelemetry, identify problems in your Akka applications quickly.

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About Mesmer Akka Agent

metrics for actor system
Get our open source solution to instrument your Akka applications.

Mesmer Akka Agent was developed by Scalac developers, in response to the need of many customers that wanted to monitor Akka, but didn’t have huge budgets to buy existing, commercial solutions, and found the free ones too limited.

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How Mesmer Akka Agent works

How Mesmer Akka Agent works

Mesmer Akka Agent will automatically instrument your Akka application to gather and send critical metrics to the OpenTelemetry collector. From there you’ll be able to process and send them further to any compatible observability backend (as described in )

how to instrument actor system

Mesmer Akka Agent monitors

Mesmer Akka Monitoring supports following metrics and modules:
Akka (core)
Akka Cluster
Akka Persistence
Akka Streams

For a detailed list of metrics go to metrics.

akka monitoring

Integrate Mesmer Akka Agent with observability platforms

metrics for actor system
Mesmer Akka Agent supports integration with all major players in the observability space
New Relic


Mesmer Akka Agent by Scalac licensing

Mesmer Akka Agent is an open source project – you can set it up, and use it as you wish.  Here is the documentation to help you start.

Open Telemetry assistance

Get Scalac's consultants to help you start

If you want our help in setting up Mesmer Akka Monitoring, setting up Open Telemetry, and integrating it with popular monitoring tools like Prometheus, we offer Consulting Services to help you out. 

The cost of service varies depending on the scope, reach out to schedule a free call to discover the details.

Start using Mesmer Akka Agent
Read the blog post Go to Mesmer Akka Agent Github

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