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    Fintech payroll cloud solutions
    Request Verification Process for Finances
    Blockchain data solution


    Real-time event manager & Mobile API Adapter

    Team extension experts

    Team extension is the way to scale up a company and build your product without unnecessary risk. A team of over 100 experts on board, experienced in Scala, Java, Go and Rust, is a guarantee that your project is in good hands. If you want to learn more about how Team Extension can support your team, read more here:

    We are Scalac – Scala, Java, Go and Rust experts. Our skilled engineers are battle-tested professionals in their respective fields. With our experience and your vision, we will build something great!

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    28.02.2024 / By  Matylda Kamińska

    Scalendar March 2024

    Event-driven Newsletter In the rapidly evolving world of software development, staying in line with the latest trends, technologies, and community gatherings is crucial for professionals seeking to enhance their skills and network. Scalendar serves as your comprehensive guide to navigate events scheduled worldwide, from specialized Scala conferences in March 2024 to broader gatherings on software […]

    26.02.2024 / By  Sylwia Wysocka

    Fintech challenges in 2024 and beyond – thoughts after the Fintech conference

    Fintech predictions Last week, I had the extraordinary pleasure of participating in Stockholm Fintech Week 2024. The entirety of this beautiful event would deserve a separate article. Still, this one will focus on the conference’s core – the fintech industry’s challenges. In Stockholm, I talked to many decision-makers in this industry about the challenges and […]

    22.02.2024 / By  Tomasz Lewiński

    Using AWS Cognito to authenticate via Google Sign-in in SPA

    In this blog post, we will create an application that sets up Cognito User Pool,uses external Indentity Provider (Google) to federate users, creates a web application with authentication achieves, and displays the user’s email on the screen.

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