Welcome to the last part of dice game post series!

We already have fully working game that we created in 1st and 2nd parts.

Today we’ll see how we can take advantage of the fact that we’re using event sourcing.

We’ll create a separate statistics project that will catch all DiceRolled events and count how many times each number have been rolled. Read more

Welcome to the 2nd part of event-sourced game post series! In case you haven’t yet read previous part, I highly recommend reading it before.

Today we’ll focus on the frontend server part, the one that’ll be responsible for handling user interface interactions as well as backend server communication. Read more

Hi, in this post series we’ll create a really simple (yet complete) event-sourced game. It won’t be anything spectacular thus its rules are as simple as:

  • game creator specifies players taking part
  • each player, one after another, has an opportunity to roll the dice
  • each player’s opportunity to roll is time limited, if player won’t roll within the limit, his opportunity is gone
  • winners are all players who share the highest rolled number

With these simple rules it’s barely playable but who cares, at least it’s event-sourced!

Full source code is available on GitHub.

Let’s go… Read more