Interface Builder (IB for short) was announced as a part of Xcode 4 in June 2010, at the WWDC. Since that moment, Apple has been promoting and improving it with each significant Xcode update. At the moment IB is a well-established solution which comes with every new iOS project created in Xcode.

However… recently articles illustrating advantages of life without Interface Builder are becoming viral. Moreover, there is a growing number of job offers for devs familiarized with libraries like SnapKit or Cartography which enhance the process of setting up Auto Layout constraints from code.

That shows that some developers are unhappy with IB and maybe they figured out a better solution. That pushed me to through and analyze common doubts related to IB and investigate if there are better alternatives to it. The most popular ones are described in this article. Read more

Hello. In this post I’d like to describe my experiences with Android, Scala and SBT. I will cover the goals I wanted to achieve, issues I encountered and the results I reached in the end. Read more