Splitting up service into smaller independent parts for better scalability, faster development due to better work distribution and ease of adding new features. That’s microservice architecture in the nutshell!

what are microservices in java

Benefits of microservices



Microservices foster an organization of small, independent teams that take ownership of their services. Teams act independently and more quickly. This shortens development cycle times.



Microservices allow each service to be independently scaled to meet the demand for the application feature it supports. Accurately measure the cost of a feature, and maintain availability if a service experiences a shift in demand.


Easy development

Microservices enable continuous integration and continuous delivery. The low cost of failure enables experimentation, makes it easier to update code and accelerates time-to-market for new features.


Technological freedom

Teams have the freedom to choose the best tool to solve their specific problems. As a consequence, teams building microservices can choose the best tool for each job.


Reusable modules

Dividing software into small, well-defined modules enables teams to use functions for multiple purposes. Developers can create new capabilities without writing code from scratch saving both money and time.



In a monolithic architecture, if a single component fails, it can cause the entire application to fail. With microservices, applications handle total service failure by degrading functionality and not crashing the entire application.

When to use Microservices?

When developing complex applications with scalability in mind

When rewriting legacy monolithic application to keep up with modern business requirements and tech stacks

For businesses utilizing different technologies and willing to combine them together

When building an application which will rapidly change over time and with the ease of extending it with new features

Companies using Microservices


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