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Our expertise in cutting-edge technologies enables us to deliver the most complex software products that will last for years.

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What we do

We design and implement the best software products for you. How? By using our holistic knowledge in Scala-based software systems.

We are here to solve the most complex software challenges.
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Scalac builds software products for enterprises and for data/ai startups.

Already have your solution up and working? We will efficiently find our way in challenging environments and consult what is best for you.

No fluff, just stuff – a software products company with the experts & knowledge you need to build your long-lasting business.

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What would be the cost of your project?

This is obviously a vital piece of information. You can estimate it with Scalac.

We’ll help you determine the project’s cost during a well-defined workshop run by our Project Managers, Product Owners, and Engineers. The results will give you valuable insights into the work, processes, domain objects, architecture you will need a well as what your future system will look like.

You can use the workshop results in a variety of ways, e.g., for your investors, or for the software companies you choose to build your software.

software product development company

Is your software worrying you? Do you feel the code written by your team or another company could be better?

Well, we know that code can’t always be perfect. There is quite often a logical explanation for this. But if you don’t want to get into details yourself, leave it to us to take it closer to a state of perfection.

Scalac not only focuses on the code but also on the business it’s supposed to serve. Our analysis includes a premature optimization. This way we’re able to tell you what we think about the code and suggest improvements.

All of this carried out by our best Architects and shaped into a well-documented analysis with code samples and best practices involved.

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So, you have to deliver a project on time and your team is too busy with other, equally urgent assignments?

Have us work with you as one team. We offer experienced Product Managers, Designers, Architects, QA’s, Frontend and Backend engineers, DevOps. All of us use Agile methodologies, best tools and practices to deliver your product on time.

Scalac cares a lot about understanding your business stakeholders, risks, and opportunities that follow your investment in this new project. We believe that the best projects happen when a client together with a team has the same goal – a successful product. Our company can provide you with that and more.

software product development company

Is your team under a heavy load because of the company’s growth?

Is your team under a heavy load because of the company’s growth? In the long run, such overload may affect software quality and cause burn-out.

Scalac is here to support your team. We’ll help your team tackle problems in an entirely new way. And we’re very good at it.

Our experts are always in their peak condition from day one. They thrive in fast-paced, challenging projects and every kind of technologies. They quickly become a part of your team, and it’ll soon become natural that they have become part of your meetings and are creating something special with you.

We adjust to your way of working and existing processes. Our customers even send us Christmas gifts and treat us naturally as if we were always part of their team. That’s great, no?

team extension

Scalac is a team of talented people.

The best of us gained our expertise in complex, demanding projects while involved with various companies. It’s not unusual to have our consultants save businesses millions of dollars by finding a critical problem with the code and solving it.

We also take care of the core software behind the most popular blockchains like Cardano. Not to mention that Scalac’ers love to contribute their time to open source, cutting edge frameworks like ZIO.

While being on a project, our consultants focus on understanding your problems and solving the toughest technical challenges. They’re versatile andmodest. They listen more than they talk, ask smart questions and give even smarter answers.


We’re all about sharing the knowledge.

That is why we organize meetups, workshops, give speeches and run our own conference called Scala Wave.

Scalac designs and runs training sessions to meet the exact needs of your team.

Mentoring sessions include coding together with your team members and gradually upping their skills. We do this precisely, adjusting and supervising their way to a world-class level.


Our Projects

Custom Storage System Solution

Custom Storage System Solution

With a significant number of devices under constant analysis to intelligently find out if something is wrong or needs handling, Indeni needed a way to ingest a high rate of metrics into its system for storage and display.
Request Verification Process for Finances

Request Verification Process for Finances

With a significant number of new loan requests, there was an urgent need for improvements in the verification process. Kreditech needed a way to quickly-verify all of these requests from regular checking, via personal checking to the size of the loans.
Building cloud-based infrastructure

Building Cloud-Based Infrastructure

The bare-metal servers were not running properly and our client was wasting a lot of resources just trying to host their systems. The infrastructure had been set up in the pre-cloud era and some of the elements of the system had been set up in different hosting locations.

Client Reviews

They were able to quickly become acquainted with highly complex requirements and always delivered on time.

Rami Akkad
Technology Strategy COO, SAP

The platform we built with Scalac, Inc. was absolutely transformative for our company.

Benno Kittelmann
Software Engineer, Elemica

We appreciate their flexibility and ability to handle work independently if needed.

Vishakh Vishakh
CTO, Cryptonomic

The team was also highly knowledgeable in the technology stack that they used.

Pawel Cejrowski
Senior Software Engineer, Tapad



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