Custom Storage System Solution

A real Reactive System to add scale, recovery and data persistency.


Design storage system, which is tailored to assure high availability.

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Designing and development; evaluating strategies and technical solutions.

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A system that perfectly solved client’s problems.

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With a significant number of devices under constant analysis to intelligently find out if something is wrong or needs handling, Indeni needed a way to ingest a high rate of metrics into its system for storage and display. That’s why the company decided to design a new, custom storage system, which is tailored to assure high availability, responsiveness, and throughput. A real Reactive System. It was meant to add scale, recovery and data persistency. Indeni wanted to utilise the potential of the Scala platform and tooling to create such a system, and they requested Scalac’s expertise to help them achieve this goal.


Scalac supported Indeni by:

● designing and development;

● evaluating strategies and technical solutions to assure the system fulfils the required expectations;

● creating a “brainstorming group” as a support that advises on the system’s architecture and highlights best-practices and pitfalls; The system is built upon the following main technologies, all integrated into a cohesive solution

● akka
● akka-streams
● akka-http
● apache cassandra
● apache kafka
● elasticsearch

This stack choice provides a fault-tolerant and distributed solution with best-of-breed components.


We worked daily and remotely with the client in a team of 2 (a senior developer from Scalac and Indeni’s tech lead) and coordinated using a lightweight approach of daily updates and constant interaction through a chat application and the occasional call and screen-sharing.

To achieve the goals we set in the project were included :

● Scalac’s Happiness Maker who could smooth out all aspects of the collaboration

● Time-limited development support from another senior scala expert

● One-shot in-depth brainstorming and design review from an expert pool made of 3 Scalac seniors (the project developer was included)

The milestones reached in the project:

● Converting the initial solution from akka actors to a fully streaming data system based on akka-streams.

● Reaching the status of feature-completeness regarding the specification.

● Increasing as much as possible the test coverage of the whole codebase.

● Simplifying the system to be modular and remove bottlenecks for an increase in performance.

● Applying well-known patterns and custom designs to make the system resilient to failure from ground-up.

● Fine-tune the configuration of all the moving pieces to reach the optimal operational level.

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