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ZIO Fundamentals

Learn to build modern solid, fast, testable, and highly performant solutions using ZIO.

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Licensed by: ziverge
Author: Scalac Team
Length: 3 hours for 5 days
Trainer: Jorge Vasquez
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Scala 3 for Scala Developers

Upgrade your Scala knowledge. Learn about upcoming changes, latest features, and benefits of Scala 3.

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Licensed by: ziverge
Author: Scalac Team
Length: 3 hours for 5 days
Trainer: Piotr Golebiewski
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scala 3 training for scala developers

Scala Training on demand

Gain the ability to benefit from Functional Programming techniques, that you can apply across the whole application, in a way that would be beneficial for you, your Team, and new hires.

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Our projects

Request Verification Process for Finances

Request Verification Process for Finances

With a significant number of new loan requests, there was an urgent need for improvements in the verification process. Kreditech needed a way to quickly-verify all of these requests from regular checking, via personal checking to the size of the loans.
Real-time event manager & Mobile API Adapter

Web Dapp Catalog Based on Ethereum Blockchain Tokens

A catalog of Dapps, easy to maintain by non-technical people and containing ad space managed using ERC-721 tokens.
Conduktor Case Study

Migrating & building a new product for all-in-one developer platform

Scalac partnered with Conduktor to help migrate its legacy code base to Scala and help build a new product around end-to-end testing.

Client Reviews

They were able to quickly become acquainted with highly complex requirements and always delivered on time.

Rami Akkad
Technology Strategy COO,  SAP

The platform we built with Scalac, Inc. was absolutely transformative for our company.

Benno Kittelmann
Software Engineer,  Elemica

We appreciate their flexibility and ability to handle work independently if needed.

Vishakh Vishakh
CTO,  Cryptonomic

The team was also highly knowledgeable in the technology stack that they used.

Pawel Cejrowski
Senior Software Engineer,  Tapad



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