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Personalized training experience tailored to your software engineer’s needs. Get training that fits your business context. Start from basics for Java, PHP or Front-End developers, or go very pro for your dedicated Scala team.

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The goal of this training is to teach you functionally-oriented solutions that are simple, composable, type-safe, and testable.

Gain the ability to benefit from Functional Programing techniques that you can apply across the whole application in a way that would be beneficial for you, your team, and new hires.

Sample topics

Introduction to Scala 2

Introduction into ZIO ecosystem

Introduction to property based testing

Introduction into Cats ecosystem

Scala 3 for Scala developers

Getting started with microservices

Event-driven microservices using ZIO and Kafka

Modern ETL pipelines using ZIO and Spark

Monitoring Akka microservices with Mesmer

Functional Effects

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