Scala Training on demand

Personalized training experience for your developers. Get a training that fits to your business context. Start from basics for Java, PHP or Front-End developers, or go very pro for your dedicated Scala team.

The goal of this training is to teach you functionally-oriented solutions that are simple, composable, type-safe, and testable.

Gain the ability to benefit from FP techniques, that you can apply across the whole application, in a way that would be beneficial for you, your team, and new hires.

Sample topics

Scala 2 introduction

Scala 3 for Scala developer

Functional Effects

Introduction into Cats ecosystem

Introduction into ZIO ecosystem

Introduction to property based testing

Getting started with microservices

Event-driven microservices using ZIO and Kafka

Modern ETL pipelines using ZIO and Spark

Monitoring Akka microservices with Mesmer

Piotr Gołębiewski

Software Consultant with more than 10 years of experience in several programming languages (of which more than 5 in Scala). Contributor to ZIO, a type-safe, composable library for asynchronous and concurrent programming in Scala. Speaker at industry events – ZIO World, Scala Love, Functional World, Functional Scala.



Upcoming tranings

scala 3 training for scala developers

Scala 3 for Scala Developers

Upgrade your Scala knowledge. Learn about upcoming changes, latest features, and benefits of Scala 3.

DATE: 26-28.05.2021
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scala training

Functional Effects (ZIO)for Scala Developers

This course is for all Scala developers that want to learn how to solve complex problems in asynchronous, concurrent programming using ZIO.

DATE: 16-17.06.2021
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