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  • Business benefits of functional programming and how to make it work for your company

    Functional Programming is consistently gaining market share, and its popularity is growing.

    Why is that?
    Watch the video to find out!
  • The business view on using Keycloak in your next project

    In this video Mat Gren, Head of Business at Scalac is going to talk with Radu Toev, Scala Developer at Scalac about Keycloak's popularity, competitors, and usage.
    They're going to focus on the business aspect of Keycloak authentication considering issues like GDPR and security.
  • Working remotely with an IT constructor

    How to build a fully remote company and how to work with one? We decided to ask Pawel Gieniec, CEO at Cloud Admin how building a remote company looked for him and how working with Scalac looks from his perspective.
  • How to start and master working from home

    In this video you’re going to learn exactly how working from home in an IT company looks like. With this video, you’ll get proven strategies that you can use to make working from home more effective and grow your business.
  • Set yourself up for working from home – Hardware, tools & boundaries

    In our opinion, the ability to effectively work from home is extremely useful these days. Lukas Kuczera, AKA HANS, CEO of Scalac and Senior Scala Developer Michal Szulczewski share their best tips on how to work remotely, representing two sides of the fence.