Improve your focus with ZIO Optics

Boilerplate? The good news is that in FP we have a tool at our disposal for addressing these problems. It’s called Optics. In the Scala world, there are some libraries that offer implementations of optics. In this ebook, we are going to focus on ZIO Optics, which is a new library in the ZIO ecosystem.

Mastering Modularity in ZIO with Zlayer

Writing modular applications is without a doubt very important in software engineering. It allows us to build software no matter the complexity involved. And composability has been one of the core principles of ZIO from the very beginning.

TOP Functional Programming Languages Ranking 2021 ​​Based On Sentiment Analysis

We’ve collected data on 12 languages – Kotlin, Scala, Clojure, Erlang, Swift, Elixir, Haskell, Rust, OCaml, Elm, PureScript, and Idris – from the functional programming family based on keywords, topics, hashtags, and @mentions across blogs, news sites, and social networks.

Introducción a la Programación con Efectos Funcionales usando ZIO

En este eBook trataremos los principios de la programación funcional, y a continuación veremos cómo, gracias a Scala y ZIO, podemos crear aplicaciones que resuelvan problemas del mundo real. Como ejemplo ilustrativo, implementaremos el juego del ahorcado.

Introduction to Programming with ZIO Functional Effects

In this eBook, we explain the principles of functional programming and then demonstrate how, with the help of Scala and ZIO, we can create applications to solve real-world problems. As an illustrative example, we will implement a hangman game.


GraphQL is a new API standard developed and open-sourced by Facebook. It provides a more flexible, powerful and more efficient alternative to REST. Thanks to GraphQL, in some cases, a basic analysis of 1 million users can take 1.2 seconds instead of 12 hours.

How to manage remote employees

Whether you’re just starting out with remote management, because of ubiquitous quarantine or you’re just fairly new in this area but found yourself facing unexpected obstacles, this ebook will help you designate appropriate action points.

Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis Explained

The technical overview of the analysis that can help business to track how end-users sentiment changes toward specific features and attributes of a service or product

How to create an automation process using AWS, IAAS, IAAC

If you're not keen on repeating things over and over again this ebook is for you. Learn why orchestration is important and how we managed automation at Scalac.


Functional Tricity

We are Functional Programming passionates and every two months, we organize meetups to talk about Scala, Haskell, F# and other Functional Programming languages.

Scala Wave

Scala Conference with the spirit of the sea. We want to talk about Scala applied examples, success stories, design patterns and solutions making developer’s life more effective and making our code better.

Scalac Summer Camp

Have you ever dreamed about becoming a Scala developer? Scalac can make that happen! Join next edition and learn from the best Scala hAkkers.

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Business benefits of functional programming and how to make it work for your company

Functional Programming is consistently gaining market share, and its popularity is growing. Why is that? Watch the video to find out!

The business view on using Keycloak in your next project

In this video Mat Gren, Head of Business at Scalac is going to talk with Radu Toev, Scala Developer at Scalac about Keycloak's popularity, competitors, and usage. They're going to focus on the business aspect of Keycloak authentication considering issues like GDPR and security

Working remotely with an IT constructor

How to build a fully remote company and how to work with one? We decided to ask Pawel Gieniec, CEO at Cloud Admin how building a remote company looked for him and how working with Scalac looks from his perspective.

Why you should choose ZIO in your next project. Benefits of functional programming in ZIO

Mat Gren, Head of Business at Scalac, and Zuka Kakabadze, CTO at Fugo talk about the business benefits of using functional programming and most importantly ZIO - Type-safe, composable asynchronous and concurrent programming for Scala.