Functional World April 12, 2022

ZIO TEST: What, Why and How?

    What is the main goal of Functional World?

    The Functional World conference aims to improve learning & knowledge sharing by meeting with other people passionate about functional programming. On Functional World, you can find topics related to all functional languages Scala, Clojure or Haskell to name a few.

    Our event on the meetup platform has already gained, 1074 members. You can see there the articles, access videos, and get information about members.  These numbers keep growing and allow the event to develop and expand its horizons.



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    ZIO TEST: What, Why and How?

    What will you learn from the presentation?
    How to start with ZIO Test?
    How to use ZIO Test?
    How to test effects with ZIO Test?
    How to use property-based testing with ZIO Test?
    How can you benefit from ZIO Test?
    Functional World, April 12, 6 PM CEST
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    About the speaker

    Scala Developer
    Marcin Krykowski

    Seasoned software engineer specializing in distributed systems, functional programming, data-driven systems, and ML. Worked for various clients across industries like FinTech, Telco, AdTech, and Healthcare. On the mission to empower the Scala community. During my free time trying to connect 20+ years of being a professional athlete and entrepreneurship.

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    Functional World in a nutshell


    The first of the event created by Scalac was the Tricity Scala User Group (TSUG), which allowed for the support and association of local societies. However, we wanted to broaden the horizons beyond the Scala theme. Therefore, our team took up topics related to functional programming and created the Functional Tricity Meetup.

    During the pandemic, Scalac decided to broadcast the event online and changed its name to Functional World and involve programmers from different parts of the globe.

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