Outsource Scala Development

Building an Ultra-Low Latency Message Broker Supporting Tree Data Structures

Scalac helped Ematiq build an ultra-low latency message broker capable of processing 50k leaf updates per second.
Case Study Liga Digital

How to achieve high scalability of services infrastructure and CI/CD processes.

One of our clients, Liga Digital, an ERP software company, was struggling with achieving high scalability, reliability and observability in their products.
Conduktor Case Study

Migrating & building a new product for all-in-one developer platform

Scalac partnered with Conduktor to help migrate its legacy code base to Scala and help build a new product around end-to-end testing.
scaling applications

Scaling Up From 10 To 40 Developers In Less Than A Year

Scalac designed a custom recruitment process that enabled the Company to add over thirty developers in less than a year.
eLearning learning management system

Scalable Online Learning Messaging

With the growing need for delivering the best quality to their clients, the company wanted to investigate new ways to ingest large amounts of data in a performant and monitorable manner.
Real-time event manager & Mobile API Adapter

Real-time event manager & Mobile API Adapter

Our consultants were faced with two projects. The scalable real-time event manager based on Akka streams and building a highly reliable, scalable, and unified interface for the crucial part of Qvantel’s payment products.
Real-time event manager & Mobile API Adapter

Web Dapp Catalog Based on Ethereum Blockchain Tokens

A catalog of Dapps, easy to maintain by non-technical people and containing ad space managed using ERC-721 tokens.
Building cloud-based infrastructure

Building Cloud-Based Infrastructure

The bare-metal servers were not running properly and our client was wasting a lot of resources just trying to host their systems. The infrastructure had been set up in the pre-cloud era and some of the elements of the system had been set up in different hosting locations.
Custom Storage System Solution

Custom Storage System Solution

With a significant number of devices under constant analysis to intelligently find out if something is wrong or needs handling, Indeni needed a way to ingest a high rate of metrics into its system for storage and display.
Adtech data retrieval, processing and distribution process

Adtech Data Retrieval, Processing and Distribution Process

We re-wrote the process of data retrieval, processing and distribution (ETL) in a streaming manner. This allowed us to reduce the costs, as we no longer needed a Spark cluster, with only a single machine required to handle the same or larger amount of data in a resource-safe manner.
MVP Budgeting Application

Budgeting MVP Application for NGOs

The app not only simplifies management but also allows control of the budget, which is crucial in every money to value system, identifying the needs, and distributing funds accordingly.
Request Verification Process for Finances

Request Verification Process for Finances

With a significant number of new loan requests, there was an urgent need for improvements in the verification process. Kreditech needed a way to quickly-verify all of these requests from regular checking, via personal checking to the size of the loans.
Blockchain data solution

Tezos Blockchain Data Management Solution

Creating a stable and robust database-backed engine to deal with the ever-growing amount of data being added to the blockchain.
Cost reduction & speed boost for Business Process Management Platform

Cost reduction & speed boost for Business Process Management Platform

Primotus has created a Business Process Management (BPM) web/mobile platform that allows software analysts to build entire workflow systems with little to no custom programming. Its goal was to significantly reduce the cost and increase the speed of system implementations.
Fintech payroll cloud solutions

Scalac and Bexio: Delivering Exceptional Tech Expertise

In this case study, you’ll learn how Scalac helped Bexio expand its software app for small businesses by developing and integrating a powerful set of payroll tools.
E-learning Platform Scalability Solution

E-learning Platform Scalability Solution

Scalability has become one of the most important issues in Sumdog, as with every fast-developing company, due to the growing number of customers using the software, the evolution of existing features, as well as increasing requirements when it comes to adding new features.
E-learning Platform Optimization Outsource Scala Development

E-learning Platform Optimization

The client expanded the development team in an established technology with a strong team of developers, alleviating the challenges and costs of recruiting at scale in a competitive market in San Francisco.