Real-time event manager & Mobile API Adapter

Scalable real-time event manager based on Akka streams and a highly reliable, scalable, and unified interface for payment products


Support Qvantel in two projects Real-Time Event Manager and Mobile API Adapter

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Providing Qvantel with Experienced Scala Experts

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Scalable Real-Time Event Manager solution based on Akka & highly reliable, scalable, and unified Mobile interface

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Qvantel’s rapid growth led to doubling the number of employees which, back then, was 400 people. Such an extension of the company in just one year was an enormous challenge. 

Scalac did an amazing job understanding all of our existing algorithms and implementing new ones. They very quickly saw that we need a very robust A.I. engine with no downtime.

Dr. Ioana Ghergulescu
Head of Research and Adaptive Learning,  Qvantel


Providing existing teams with experienced, communicative, and well-performing members was the main goal we wanted to achieve. Scalac and its focus on functional programming language – Scala, was a perfect fit. We significantly reduced the risks of onboarding unskilled people and almost instantly were able to work hand-in-hand with the rest of the Qvantel teams.

The team did an impressive job under the technical guidance of our Solution Architects. The code has proven to be reliable, robust, and low in bugs. Job well done in quality, timely, and attitude manner, including comprehensive documentation.

Mika Erola
Project Manager ,  Qvantel


Qvantel has chosen Scala as the primary language and Scalac was the perfect match, as it is our strategy to deliver the best Scala-based systems. Our experienced consultants were faced with two projects. First, high throughput (thousands of messages per second) and low latency – processing events in real-time. These were the biggest challenges in our first project – Real-Time Event Manager. The implemented solution based on Akka streams was scalable and allowed Qvantel to quickly deploy another instance of our application, without having to be concerned with high memory or synchronization related problems. 

Our second project is a Mobile API Adapter. The main goal here is to build a highly reliable, scalable, and unified interface for the crucial part of Qvantel’s payment products. Our team is responsible for the architecture of the solution and direct communication with Qvantel clients.

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