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Experienced professionals ready to help design and build your product.

We've worked on a variety of different projects. Having broad perspective on how to build Scala projects we can help you decide which technologies and frameworks to choose and how to design your system.


We are serious about what we do. We care about the project and it is important for us to bring it to a successful finish.


We strive for highest quality. We believe that we can achieve it as a result of doing what we love reliably and with passion.


We all love programming and we are passionate about tech blogging, attending and speaking at conferences.

What we are good at


Scala is an acronym for “Scalable Language”. This means that Scala grows with you. You can play with it by typing one-line expressions and observing the results. But you can also rely on it for large mission critical systems, as many companies, including Twitter, LinkedIn, or Intel do.


Build powerful cloud-ready, concurrent & distributed applications more easily. Akka is a toolkit and runtime for building highly concurrent, distributed, and fault tolerant event-driven applications on the JVM.

What our clients are saying

Thomas Birke

CTO & Co-Founder

The Scalac team has been a tremendous value add to our start-up in its most critical phase. They managed to start maintaining our code instantaneously and added a lot of complex functionality in a very short amount of time. If we have the possibility to work with them again, we would not hesitate to do so!

Paul Dale

Principal Architect

Scalac has been our go-to source for on-demand scala firepower. The team has proven over and over that they can be dropped into a challenging situation, get up to speed quickly, and rock. I highly recommend Lukasz Kuczera and his team.

Jakub Marchwicki

Head of Development
Young Digital Planet

The Scalac team has become a trusted partner in multiple projects, supporting us with highly skilled on site consultants as well as taking ownership of a full stack application development. The team is highly motivated, passionate about technology and help us in a wide scope of programming activities, spanning from actively developed products to supporting legacy systems, regardless of programming language (various flavours of Java, including mobile development, as well as legacy PHP).

Hendrik da Cruz

Senior Architect
So1 GmbH

ScalaC helped us greatly and sent very capable Scala programmers when we needed them most. They a talented crew and created the first version of our most important component on the green field, while working remote from product owner and business users. At no time we had trouble communicating and they were very receptive to evolving requirements.

Our team

Ewelina Ginalska

Chief Financial Officer

Łukasz Kuczera

CEO & Founder

Alicja Mięsikowska

Product hAkker

Katarzyna Jastrzębska

Frontend Developer

Jan Ziniewicz

Elder Scala Codesmith

Jakub Czuchnowski

CVO & Co-founder

Patryk Jażdżewski

Software Engineer

Maciej Greń

Growth Hacker

Arek Kaczyński

Software Engineer

Damian Pieczyński

Software Engineer

Patryk Zakrzewski

Android Programmer

Piotr Zientarski

Android Programmer

Patryk Grandt

Game Designer and Developer

Radek Tkaczyk

Senior Hacker

Jacek Stasiński

Android/iOS Developer

Maciej Serafin

Android Developer

Marek Suscak

Front-end Engineer

Leszek Gruchała

Senior Software Engineer

Marek Tomas

Full Stack Scala hAkker

Michał Sitko

Scala Developer

Jakub Mikulski

Scala Developer

Andrzej Janczak

Scala Developer

Paweł Śląski

Scala Developer

Tomasz Perek

Scala Developer

Jakub Zubielik

DevOps Engineer

Maciej Burda

Senior iOS Developer

Cezary Łada

Scala hAkker

Łukasz Gąsior

Scala Programmer

Mariusz Nosiński

Scala Developer

Sebastian Bach

System Developer

Marek Kliś

Scala Developer

Mateusz Kubuszok

Scala Developer

Adam Nadoba

Scala Developer

Łukasz Komorowski

iOS Developer

Almar Suarez

Game Director


Rockstar Programmer

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