Headless eCommerce (Headless Shopify)

Get to market faster, scale better. We can handle both sides of Headless eCommerce (Headless Shopify) - your new front end, and the back end side. Get the most out of Headless eCommerce (Headless Shopify) - performance boost, better conversions rate, better UX/UI.

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Headless eCommerce development, for enterprises and start-ups


Full-stack software development

We can handle it all - from your new frontend, testers, DevOps support, and custom backend software development.


Performance boost - SSR (Server Side Rendering)

Server-Side Rendering for eCommerce is a must. Achieve better conversion rates thanks to improved SEO and website speed.


Analytics implementations, and Integrations

We will implement, and configure all the analytics apps you need, including all necessary integrations.


Data migration

The name speaks for itself. We will migrate your data from the old solution to the new one.


Data Training, workshops, consulting

We offer Training, to help you educate your team. We offer workshops for product teams to prepare the right specification, and consulting/audits to make sure you use the best software in a right, most efficient way.


Client Reviews

They were able to quickly become acquainted with highly complex requirements and always delivered on time.

Rami Akkad
Technology Strategy COO, SAP

The platform we built with Scalac, Inc. was absolutely transformative for our company.

Benno Kittelmann
Software Engineer, Elemica

We appreciate their flexibility and ability to handle work independently if needed.

Vishakh Vishakh
CTO, Cryptonomic

The team was also highly knowledgeable in the technology stack that they used.

Pawel Cejrowski
Senior Software Engineer, Tapad



Case studies

Building cloud-based infrastructure

Building Cloud-Based Infrastructure

The bare-metal servers were not running properly and our client was wasting a lot of resources just trying to host their systems. The infrastructure had been set up in the pre-cloud era and some of the elements of the system had been set up in different hosting locations.
Request Verification Process for Finances

Request Verification Process for Finances

With a significant number of new loan requests, there was an urgent need for improvements in the verification process. Kreditech needed a way to quickly-verify all of these requests from regular checking, via personal checking to the size of the loans.
Custom Storage System Solution

Custom Storage System Solution

With a significant number of devices under constant analysis to intelligently find out if something is wrong or needs handling, Indeni needed a way to ingest a high rate of metrics into its system for storage and display.

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