Migrating from Lagom to Akka

Focus on bringing business value to the company while letting a specialized team do the Lagom to Akka migration faster, cheaper, safer.

    Lagom to Akka Migration

    Why migrate from Lagom to Akka?

    It was announced in 2021 that Lagom is no longer being developed, and will not get any new features, with only security updates to be expected. While this doesn’t mean Lagom is not going to be useful anymore, it will soon become a legacy technology with all the downsides that it entails;

    Why Migrate from lagom to Akka
    possible version conflicts when introducing new libraries,
    Why Migrate from lagom to Akka
    feature stagnation that will put your team at a disadvantage,
    Why Migrate from lagom to Akka
    a lack of experienced developers available,
    Why Migrate from lagom to Akka
    a lack of developers wanting to learn an old technology.

    When to do the Lagom to Akka migration?

    If you decide that migrating from Lagom to Akka would be beneficial to your company and team, then the sooner you make the transition the better. The more features you develop for your current system, the longer the migration will take, and the riskier it will become.

    Why hire an external company to do the migration?

    Your business domain is the unique area of expertise that your in-house team has. It’s a very specific, and usually a non-repeatable form of knowledge. On the other hand, technology upgrades and migrations are independent of business knowledge and are repeatable processes.

    Therefore, it is beneficial for your team to focus on bringing business value to the company while letting a specialized external team do the migration in a faster, cheaper and less risky way.

    What does Scalac bring to the table?

    Experienced. Professional. Trusted. Our developers know both the Lagom and Akka platforms well and have already carried out such migrations in the past. We will help you plan and execute the migration with little or no disruption to your current development.

    “Scalac has a selection of very talented professionals. Compared to other vendors we work with, the cost/skills ratio is excellent.”

    Scalac has been recognized as one of the top development agencies in the world

    Let’s talk through your migration

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