29.04.2024 / By Matylda Kamińska

Scalendar May 2024

Event-driven Newsletter Welcome to our May 2024 edition of Scalendar! As we move into a bustling spring, this issue brings you a compilation of the most anticipated frontend and software architecture events around the globe. With a particular focus on Scala conferences in May 2024, our newsletter serves as your guide to keep you updated […]

23.04.2024 / By Bartosz Budnik

Kalix tutorial: Building invoice application

Scala is well-known for its great functional scala libraries which enable the building of complex applications designed for streaming data or providing reliable solutions with effect systems. However, there are not that many solutions which we could call frameworks to provide every necessary tool and out-of-the box integrations with databases, message brokers, etc. In 2022, Kalix was […]

17.04.2024 / By Michał Szajkowski

Mocking Libraries can be your doom

Test automation is great. Nowadays, it’s become a crucial part of basically any software development process. And at the unit test level it is often a necessity to mimic a foreign service or other dependencies you want to isolate from. So in such a case, using a mock library should be an obvious choice that […]

04.04.2024 / By Aleksander Rainko

Scala 3 Data Transformation Library: ducktape 0.2.0.

Introduction: Is ducktape still all duct tape under the hood? Or, why are macros so cool that I’m basically rewriting it for the third time? Before I go off talking about the insides of the library, let’s first touch base on what ducktape actually is, its Github page describes it as this: Automatic and customizable […]

28.03.2024 / By Matylda Kamińska

Scalendar April 2024

Event-driven Newsletter Another month full of packed events, not only around Scala conferences in April 2024 but also Frontend Development, and Software Architecture—all set to give you a treasure trove of learning and networking opportunities. There’re online and real-world events that you can join in order to meet colleagues and experts from all over the […]

28.02.2024 / By Matylda Kamińska

Scalendar March 2024

Event-driven Newsletter In the rapidly evolving world of software development, staying in line with the latest trends, technologies, and community gatherings is crucial for professionals seeking to enhance their skills and network. Scalendar serves as your comprehensive guide to navigate events scheduled worldwide, from specialized Scala conferences in March 2024 to broader gatherings on software […]

26.02.2024 / By Sylwia Wysocka

Fintech challenges in 2024 and beyond - thoughts after the Fintech conference

Fintech predictions Last week, I had the extraordinary pleasure of participating in Stockholm Fintech Week 2024. The entirety of this beautiful event would deserve a separate article. Still, this one will focus on the conference’s core – the fintech industry’s challenges. In Stockholm, I talked to many decision-makers in this industry about the challenges and […]

30.01.2024 / By Matylda Kamińska

Scalendar February 2024

Event-driven Newsletter Welcome to the February edition of Scalendar, your comprehensive guide to the latest events in the worlds of Scala, Frontend, Software Architecture, and Go. Our compilation includes a variety of conferences, meetups, and workshops across the globe, as well as online, ensuring accessibility for everyone interested. Scala Conferences February 2024 Scala.io The 10th […]

17.01.2024 / By Jakub Czuchnowski

Getting started with ZIO HTTP

ZIO HTTP is a library for building HTTP applications in Scala. It started as a ZIO wrapper over the Netty library, developed at Dream11 for their high throughput, low latency services. Revealed in 2021 at Functional Scala, it made a great impression on the attendants not only because of the great type-safe DSL but also […]

28.12.2023 / By Matylda Kamińska

Scalendar January 2024

Event-driven Newsletter Embark on a journey through the world of tech conferences, spanning diverse programming languages and technology domains. From Scala conferences in January 2024 in Hamburg, Dallas, London, and Atlanta to broader conferences like CodeMash, Voxxed Days Ticino, THAT Round Rock, NDC London, and specific JS and Go gatherings in Warsaw, Seattle, and Toronto, […]