07.09.2023 / By Howard Gonzalez

TestContainers in Scala: Use Integration Tests for building your services

TL;DR Integration tests are frequently seen as the most expensive tests in most environments. The reason is that they usually require a higher level of preparation and procedures to make them appropriate for your particular infrastructure dependencies.  In addition, the time invested to make them work properly on the developer’s continuous integration/development environment is not […]

05.09.2023 / By Daria Karasek

Scala 3 Data Transformation Library: Automating Data Transformations with ducktape

In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, there are tasks that, while necessary, often lack the thrill of innovation. One such task involves managing data transformations, a critical aspect across various domains. While JSON APIs serve as a prime example where such transformations are crucial, the focus of this discussion transcends JSON and centers on […]

01.09.2023 / By Daria Karasek

Growing the Scala Community: Insights from Scalac's US Initiatives

Scala, a powerful programming language, is gaining popularity in the tech industry. Scalac, a leading software engineering company, co-organized an event in the Bay Area. Additionally, Scalac participated in Scala Days, where one of its talented speakers showcased their expertise. Not to mention periodically organizing two Scala & Functional Programming focused meetups: Functional World & […]

31.08.2023 / By Matylda Kamińska

Scalendar September 2023

Event-driven Newsletter As we kick off September, we’re excited to present you with a lineup of events that promise to enrich your knowledge and expand your professional horizons. Explore cutting-edge Scala conferences in September 2023, delve into the intricacies of Go concurrency, unravel the latest trends in Software Architecture, and immerse yourself in the world […]

18.08.2023 / By Daria Karasek

Scala and the Future of Programming Languages: A Conversation with Lucas Kuczera

The programming world is a dynamic landscape that continually evolves with the emergence of new technologies and approaches. Scala is a programming language that has significantly impacted in recent years. In this article, we delve into the insights provided by Lucas Kuczera, the founder and CEO of Scalac, a company specializing in assisting clients in […]

01.08.2023 / By Daria Karasek, Matylda Kamińska, Kasia Królikowska

Scalendar August 2023

Event-driven Newsletter What’s in store for the Architecture, Frontend, Go & Scala Conferences in August? Welcome to our exclusive monthly tech events newsletter! Embrace the summer sun as we bring you a handpicked selection of cutting-edge conferences and events in August. Dive deep into Scala, Software Architecture, Frontend development, and the exciting world of Go […]

29.06.2023 / By Jorge Vasquez

How to implement streaming microservices with ZIO 2 and Kafka

In this article we will cover the basics of ZIO, ZIO Streams, and finally, the process of implementing streaming microservices using functional programming techniques.

29.06.2023 / By Daria Karasek, Kasia Królikowska, Matylda Kamińska

Scalendar July 2023

Event-driven Newsletter We’re presenting another edition packed with Scala conferences in July 2023, valuable updates, and a curated calendar of events dedicated to Scala programming, architecture, and front-end development. This newsletter aims to keep you informed and engaged in the ever-evolving landscape of these exciting fields!  Scala ZIO Hackathon  This official ZIO Hackathon aims to […]

15.06.2023 / By Jorge Vasquez

How to write a (completely lock-free) concurrent LRU Cache with ZIO STM

Writing concurrent data structures using traditional tools - just like everything else under java.util.concurrent - is generally very complicated. So, in this article, we are going to see how ZIO STM can make our lives a lot easier when it comes to writing concurrent data structures - such as a concurrent LRU Cache - in a completely lock-free fashion that is a lot simpler to reason about.

31.05.2023 / By Daria Karasek

Scalendar June 2023

Get ready for an action-packed June with the exciting lineup of events focusing on Frontend Development, Scala & functional programming, and Architecture! 🚀 Whether you’re a coding wizard, a Scala enthusiast, or an architecture aficionado, there’s something here to inspire and expand your knowledge. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming up this month: Scala […]