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Scalendar Scala conferences 2024

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In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, staying updated with the latest trends, tools, and technologies is paramount. Are you interested in the Scala Conferences in October 2023? Or perhaps you’re also curious about what’s happening in the world of Frontend, Software Architecture, and the Go programming language? With Scalendar, you’ll have access to a carefully curated calendar of events, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to enhance your knowledge, network with like-minded professionals, and stay at the forefront of the tech world. Join us on a journey through the different fields, where we explore the wealth of opportunities waiting for you.

Scala Conferences October 2023

Colombia Scala Meetup

scala colombia

In the presentation titled “Lessons Learned from Implementing an Efficient Functional Mutex,” Luis Mejía shares his journey of implementing a more efficient mutex for cats-effect, emphasizing how functional programming or effect systems can simplify concurrent code and reduce the risk of bugs. He discusses the concept of a Mutex in concurrent programming, its evolution from an initial implementation to a significantly more efficient version introduced in the 3.5.0 release. Beyond narrating this story, the talk focuses on sharing valuable insights gained from this experience, including the challenges posed by race conditions, differences between imperative and functional mental models, and the timeless lesson of building upon previous work to advance the field of science.


Scala conferences
The session will explore functional programming in Scala through practical problem-solving scenarios. It will cover lambda functions, teaching how to create and use them for code optimization. Additionally, pattern matching will be examined for its ability to simplify data handling and code readability. Recursion will be utilized for efficient problem-solving, and monads will be introduced as a tool to manage complexity in functional programs. Whether you’re a newcomer or looking for advanced insights, this session aims to provide you with practical skills and a deeper understanding of functional programming in Scala.

Scala in the City

scala in the city 2023

Scala in the City meetup offers a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the Scala community and engage with insightful talks on niche topics presented by influential figures. The event features Roksolana Diachuk discussing “Productionizing big data,” sharing invaluable insights on dealing with production issues in real-world data scenarios. Stay tuned for more speakers and discussions.

Dallas Scala Enthusiasts

scala meetups 2023

Join this online meetup for a lively “Conversation and Discussion of some aspect of Scala.” Hosted by Mark K. and Jim O., this event welcomes attendees to suggest topics and bring questions for discussion. Presentations from individuals of all experience and skill levels are highly encouraged. The meetup takes place on Zoom, offering a platform for general conversation, discussions, and socializing related to programming languages, functional programming, Scala, Akka, and reactive programming. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to engage with fellow Scala enthusiasts and expand your knowledge!

The Atlanta Scala Meetup

scala meetups 2023

This community is a hub for Scala practitioners to connect with like-minded individuals, discover exciting technologies, and explore job opportunities. The meetup takes place on the first Tuesday of every month at 7 PM Eastern, featuring a flexible format that includes community engagement, guest speakers, and workshops. Whether you’re a seasoned Scala pro or just getting started, this event offers a great chance to network and stay updated with the Scala ecosystem. Don’t miss out!

Scala Portugal

scala meetups 2023

Join the Scala Meetup featuring guest speakers Pavel Shirshov and Kai. They will be delivering two insightful talks aimed at addressing current challenges in the Scala ecosystem. The first talk, titled “Hyperpragmatic Pure FP Testing With Distage-Testkit,” explores the challenges of creating effective test suites and introduces distage & distage-testkit, a solution for simplifying test environments and fixtures. The second talk, “Grandmaster: Multi-Modal Heterogeneous Build Tool For Scala,” presents the Grandmaster project, a multi-modal build tool designed to enhance the Scala toolchain. This talk discusses the ideas behind Grandmaster and welcomes community feedback. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into Scala development and tooling.

Do you know about any Scala Conferences in October 2023 that aren’t on our list? Reach out to us on Twitter!

Software Architecture

Qcon San Francisco 2023

qcon conference san francisco 2023

Prepare for QCon, the renowned international software development conference. With a 17-year legacy, this event is your gateway to staying ahead in the industry. Attend in person or opt for a Video-Only Pass for later access, and gain insights on emerging trends, practical use cases, and best practices crucial for senior software developers. Explore diverse tracks, from Architectures You’ve Always Wondered About to Staff+ Engineering Skills, featuring keynote speakers like Will Larson and Suhail Patel. QCon also offers hands-on workshops to enhance your skills, making it a must-attend event for software professionals eager to adopt new technologies and practices. Join the community of experts and innovators, learn, share, and propel your software development career forward at QCon San Francisco.

KanDDDinsky 2023

software architecture conferences 2023

KanDDDinsky is Germany’s premier Domain-Driven Design (DDD) conference, happening in Berlin. With a range of ticket options, you can tailor your experience to suit your learning needs. Additionally, on October 3rd, there are pre-conference workshops available for deep dives into specific topics. The agenda includes a variety of sessions, workshops, and discussions led by DDD experts to enhance your knowledge. The conference takes place at the Berlin Marriot Hotel. Don’t miss this opportunity to delve into the world of DDD and advance your software design skills at KanDDDinsky 2023.

DataNext Architecture Europe

datanext architecture europe 2023

Get ready for DataNext Architecture, an online event that explores the pivotal role of architecture in shaping data-driven organizations. This event delves into how a well-designed architectural framework aligns with organizational goals, facilitating data collection, processing, and analytics. DataNext Architecture is a must-attend for professionals ranging from Data Strategists and Data Architects to CIOs, CDOs, Data Engineers, and AI Architects. Renowned speakers from leading organizations, including the European Central Bank and Zurich Insurance, will share their expertise. The event agenda features discussions on Data Architecture Trends, Data Mesh, Data Virtualization, and insights into Data Analytics Platforms, concluding with a panel discussion on Scaling Modern Data Architecture. There are registration options for both IT practitioners and vendor/service providers, offering access to networking and a virtual exhibition.

Devoxx Belgium 2023

devoxx conference 2023

Mark your calendars for the 20th edition of Devoxx Belgium 2023. With the previous year attracting over 3,200 attendees, this five-day technology conference promises to exceed expectations. Notably, discussions will revolve around the upcoming Java 21 release, with renowned speakers sharing insights on its enhancements. Special emphasis will also be placed on Artificial Intelligence, offering valuable insights into the latest developments and methodologies. This event is a prime opportunity to expand your knowledge, refine your skills, and gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies, especially in the realms of AI and Java. Subscribe to the Devoxx community for access to an array of talks and updates across various platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.


4developers conference 2023
Local editions of 4Developers offer diverse topics tailored to each region and provide an excellent networking opportunity in an intimate setting. Expect the same vibrant atmosphere as the main festival edition, featuring multiple thematic tracks, practical talks, esteemed speakers, and an open environment. Come, learn from top experts, and connect with industry professionals in your area.

Platform Summit 2023

  • Oct 16-18, 2023
  • Stockholm, Sweden
platform summit 2023

The Platform Summit stands as the flagship API conference hosted by Nordic APIs, providing you with an extensive exploration of all things API-related. This event presents a unique opportunity to glean insights from leading minds in the API field, connect with peers in the industry, and engage in the exchange of innovative concepts. The Platform Summit offers enlightening presentations that stimulate insightful conversations about the intricacies of crafting exceptional API-first platforms. In this year’s Summit, influential figures from the diverse global API landscape will convene, sharing a wealth of expertise on API design standards and the best practices of microservices. The focal points of this year’s event encompass aspects like enhancing the developer experience, tracking API security trends, the shift from REST to GraphQL, API-first business models, and pertinent open-source tools.

Global Software Architecture Summit 2023

Global Software Architecture Summit 2023

The Global Software Architecture Summit (GSAS) 2023, is a three-day event designed to unite software architecture experts and enthusiasts looking to enhance their software development skills. This summit promises a focus on modern software architecture practices through insightful talks and hands-on workshops led by renowned software experts. Beyond learning, GSAS fosters networking, offering a chance to engage with over 600 software architects while providing a relaxed environment with snacks and beverages. With more than 20 expert speakers from over 42 countries and a diverse range of topics, GSAS 2023 guarantees an informative and enjoyable experience for software aficionados.

Full Stack Europe 2023

fullstack conferences 2023

It’s the ultimate event for full stack developers and comprehensive teams. This conference recognizes that nurturing exceptional products requires a diverse set of skills spanning the entire technology stack, catering to both generalists and specialists who dare to transcend traditional boundaries. The event offers a rich schedule featuring captivating talks and keynotes, with topics ranging from web UI development to database scaling, security, and much more. It’s a unique opportunity for networking and learning across the stack, whether you identify as a full-stack developer or have interests in frontend, backend, DevOps, design, or anything in between. Full Stack Europe is meticulously organized by prominent members of the full-stack community, known for their Full Stack Belgium meetups in Antwerp and Ghent.

Software Crafters Barcelona 2023

Software Crafters conference 2023

Software Crafters Barcelona celebrates its milestone tenth edition, expanding into a three-day event. It commences with a Friday Open Space, followed by a weekend filled with engaging conferences and workshops. This gathering is a magnet for software development enthusiasts who share a deep passion for their craft and the Crafters movement’s principles. It’s a dynamic hub for learning, teaching, and collaboration, fostering a rewarding and enlightening experience. Regardless of your background or programming language, if you love software, want to engage with the Software Crafters community, share insights, and believe in sharing for growth, you’re welcome.

API Conference Berlin 2023

  • Oct 16- 18, 2023
  • Berlin, Germany / Online

api conference berlin 2023

The event features a dynamic program with sessions by seasoned API architects covering microservices, Swagger, GraphQL, API management, and security tools. It offers invaluable insights into API project planning, implementation, and management through informative workshops and sessions. Be inspired by the latest trends in web APIs, API design, and management. Whether you join in Berlin with first-class catering and networking or participate online, the API Conference is a must for API enthusiasts.

Codemotion Conference 2023

  • Oct 24-25, 2023
  • Milan, Italy

codemotion conference 2023

The Codemotion Conference is an unmissable event for tech enthusiasts and IT professionals seeking insights into the latest technologies, inspirational talks, and hands-on experiences. This conference offers a unique opportunity to connect with developers you’ve always wanted to meet, including speakers and tech leaders, expanding your professional network. Dive into the latest industry trends, gain valuable insights, and establish key connections through speeches, panels, and live Q&A sessions. Immerse yourself in this vibrant community for two days filled with coding, personal growth, soft skills, leadership discussions, and more. Join the largest tech community in Europe with 100+ speakers, 80+ sessions, and a diverse range of topics.

GOTO Copenhagen 2023

GOTO copenhagen conference 2023

GOTO Copenhagen 2023 promises an exceptional software development conference experience. Featuring renowned speakers like Andy Greenberg, author of “Sandworm” and “Tracers in the Dark,” and Daniel Terhorst-North, the originator of Behavior Driven Development (BDD), it offers a unique blend of insights and practical tips. This event stands out as a fantastic opportunity to network with tech leaders and fellow developers, discover emerging programming languages, delve into advanced development methodologies, and explore new tools. GOTO Copenhagen is more than just a conference; it’s an inspiring journey where you can reignite your passion for tech, all set in vibrant cities worldwide. With over 20,000 attendees, 1000+ international speakers, and the backing of 400+ corporate partners, it’s a must-attend for anyone in the tech industry.

NDC Porto

ndc porto conference 2023

NDC Porto, the premier conference for software developers. With a lineup of 91 speakers including industry experts like Kesha Williams and Nick Chapsas, and featuring workshops and live-streamed talks, this event promises to be a valuable experience for attendees. Tickets are available for both in-person and online participation, making it accessible to a global audience. NDC Conferences also organizes events worldwide, including TechTown, Security, and more, making it a hub for tech enthusiasts.

API: World

  • Oct 31-Nov 02, 2023
  • Santa Clara, USA / Online

api world conference 2023

API World is the premier event for global technical leaders, engineers, software architects, and executives, now in its 11th year. This conference brings together thousands of professionals to explore the world of APIs and microservices. With over 1250 in-person attendees, 3250 virtual attendees, and 50+ exhibiting partners, API World offers comprehensive coverage of the API and microservices landscape. This event delves into crucial topics such as API design, architecture, security, compliance, microservices design, and much more, featuring keynotes, workshops, and open talks. Whether you’re an API provider or user, this is the definitive industry conference to optimize relationships, learn about API integration, and connect with tech companies and developers shaping the API economy.


React Wrocław Meetup

react meetups 2023

React enthusiasts will gather for the 28th edition of the React Wrocław Meetup in Wrocław, Poland. Attendees can look forward to top-notch presentations on React, networking opportunities, and, of course, some pizza and beer. More details about the event and the speakers will be announced soon. If you’re interested in speaking at this or future editions of React Wrocław Meetup, you can fill out the form provided.


frontmania conference 2023

This event is a must for frontend developers, featuring expert speakers discussing the hottest topics in the field. Attendees can expect to deep dive into the world of frontend development, gaining hands-on knowledge that can be applied immediately. Early bird tickets are available, so don’t miss the chance to be a part of this exciting conference.

React Brussels 2023

  • Oct 13, 2023
  • Brussels, Belgium
    react brussels conference 2023

    React Brussels Conference 2023 is offering a unique opportunity to explore the latest in the React ecosystem. Expert speakers, authors, and core team members will cover the hottest frameworks and tech tools, making it a must-attend event for developers, team leads, and consultants looking for inspiration, learning, and networking. Activities include expert talks, discussions, workshops, and afterparties. The schedule is packed with informative sessions, such as AI-powered web apps, React inline visual editing, TypeScript patterns for better React components, and more.

React+TS fwdays’23 2023

react conferences 2023

The React+TS fwdays’23 conference is dedicated to React.js and TypeScript. The event will feature both Ukrainian and international experts in the React and TypeScript fields, offering discussions, interesting cases, and talks in English and Ukrainian by local and international speakers. Attendees of the online portion will have access to talks, recordings, Q&A sessions, and the opportunity to chat with speakers and participants. Those attending the offline event can enjoy a delicious lunch, coffee breaks, and live networking with speakers and participants.

React Advanced 2023

react advanced london 2023

The React ecosystem and its community have experienced substantial growth in recent years, leading to increased complexity in web and JavaScript application development. It is highly advisable to embark on this journey with the guidance of peers, so connect with the worldwide network of industry experts and delve into this framework! We welcome engineers of all skill levels, but be prepared for challenging content. This year, the event will have a hybrid format. The first day will be streamed from the London venue, featuring hybrid networking opportunities and interactive entertainment. The second day, along with numerous free workshops, will be available to a global online audience via live streaming.

International Javascript Conference Munich 2023

  • Oct 23- 27, 2023
  • Munich, Germany / Online

international javascript conference 2023

Explore the latest in JavaScript, from Angular and React to WebAssembly and Progressive Web Apps. Whether you attend in Munich and enjoy first-class catering, exclusive hotel deals, and personal interactions, or join us online with a top-notch virtual conference platform, interactive highlights, and networking opportunities, you’ll stay at the forefront of JavaScript trends. Don’t miss the workshop days on October 23 and 27, featuring hands-on learning experiences.


connect tech 2023

Join the CONNECT.TECH 2023, the largest multi-framework front-end conference in the USA. Dive deep into web technologies with eight tracks, over 80 sessions, and six workshops, featuring expert speakers on topics like AI computer vision, career-proofing with AI, enriching mobile apps, AI chatbot development, AI in documentation, developer survival in the age of AI, JavaScript and AI integration, AI in UX and product development, and building your own AI. Choose from various ticket options, including individual conference tickets or combo tickets with workshops, and experience the support of Atlanta’s tech communities. Don’t miss “The Rise of the Machines” AI track for cutting-edge insights.

reactjsday 2023

react js day 2023

Reactjsday 2023, the 9th edition of the Italian React conference organized by GrUSP. This international event, happening in Verona brings together React developers from around the world to share experiences, network, and have fun. The impressive lineup of speakers includes Aashima Ahuja, Fabio Biondi, Gonzalo Beviglia, Ruby Jane Cabagnot, Silvia Florio, Matteo Frana, Paolo Insogna, Rachel Nabors, Mattia Pispisa, and Tejas Kumar. The day before the conference, on October 26th, there will be two workshops.


Seattle Go Programmers

golang conferences 2023

The Seattle Go Programmers is a community sharing an interest in the Go programming language. This group serves as a platform for discussions on Go and related topics, networking with fellow Go enthusiasts, and finding or offering Go-related job opportunities. The group hosts monthly meetups, all conducted online. For those looking to connect and engage in Go discussions, this community provides a welcoming space.

Go Cracow

golang conferences 2023

Announcing the return of the GoCracow meetup, marking the second post-pandemic gathering. This event aims to reassemble the Go community in person, and it’s proudly hosted by Splunk, known for their Unified Security and Observability Platform. Attendance requires registration, with limited seats available. The meetup includes networking over pizza, drinks, and snacks, and there are plans to record the event for later viewing on YouTube. They also encourage talk proposals for upcoming meetups. The agenda includes registration, a welcome from the organizers, insights from Gophercon Europe 2023 by Łukasz Bondyra, ad-hoc Lightning Talks, and a session by Piotr Luciński on Go-tchas.

GDG Berling Golang

golang conferences 2023

Calling all Gophers for a special hybrid Spooky October Go meetup! Share your eerie Go tales, whether things went awry or not, and prefix your talk with Halloween. Submit your proposals and join the Gophers Slack for more ideas. This hybrid event will provide a Zoom link for virtual attendees and an in-person option at Google Berlin. The agenda includes networking, spooky Go stories, announcements, and more networking.


We hope you find the events gathered in Scalendar both insightful and engaging. The dynamic worlds of Scala conferences in October 2023, Frontend development, Software Architecture, and Go programming offer countless opportunities for growth and discovery. To ensure you never miss a beat, we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter. By doing so, you’ll stay connected with all the latest updates and insights in these fields. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey of continuous learning and innovation. Subscribe today and stay ahead with Scalendar!

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