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Single tenant vs multitenancy - choosing the optimal solution.

What is Tenancy? Tenancy, what truly is it for? There is often a business need that involves using ecosystems by multiple organisations/clients and each of them wants their data to be separate from each other. You can achieve this with tenancy. You can do it with either single tenant deployment (setup per organisation) or with […]

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Implementing cloud VPN solution using AWS, Linux and WireGuard

What is a VPN, and why is it important? A Virtual Private Network, or VPN in short, is a tunnel which handles all the internet data sent and received between Point A (typically an end-user) and Point B (application, server, or another end-user). This is done with security and privacy in mind, because it effectively […]

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Cybersecurity Blueprint for Software Houses

In an era where digital threats are larger than ever, software houses stand on the front lines, tasked with safeguarding not only their innovations but also the data and trust of their customers. This is coming from an experienced Site Reliability Engineer, as I’ve navigated the complex waters of securing digital assets and dealt with […]

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How to Secure Microservices: A Presentation from Lukasz Marchewka

Lukasz Marchewka, a senior Scala developer and cybersecurity expert at Scalac, spoke as part of our digital microservices event, “Between Business & Tech”. The digital conference featured six speakers who shared their experiences about creating effective and secure microservices architecture. Follow this link to watch Lukasz’s talk or watch the whole conference. Lukasz discussed several […]