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Scalendar September 2023

Scalendar Scala conferences 2024

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As we kick off September, we’re excited to present you with a lineup of events that promise to enrich your knowledge and expand your professional horizons. Explore cutting-edge Scala conferences in September 2023, delve into the intricacies of Go concurrency, unravel the latest trends in Software Architecture, and immerse yourself in the world of Frontend innovation—all through the lens of carefully chosen events that Scalendar has assembled for you. 

Scala Conferences September 2023

Scala Days Madrid

Scala Days Madrid

Developers from all over the world get together at Scala Days to exchange experiences and fresh perspectives on developing applications with Scala and related technologies like Spark, Kafka, and Akka. Scala Days offers a singular chance for users to interact with the developers of the language and related technologies and build relationships with other programmers.

During a two-day event filled with activity, leaders from Scala User Groups and international communities, students, and language contributors will come together to discuss academic research, application cases, and futuristic initiatives.

Scala Bridge

Join the workshop on Day 1 of Scala Days, featuring the Scala Bridge event at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid. Engage in building an inclusive Scala community, open to all and underrepresented in tech. Learn about Scala for free and take advantage of mentoring opportunities with local leaders.



Participate in Scalac’s virtual event conducted in Spanish, where Carlos Eduardo de Paula will be the speaker. He’ll discuss “Creating Applications Using ZIO and Temporal Orchestration Platform.”

Discover the process of getting started with Temporal, an orchestration platform tailored for managing workflows with resilience and scalability, effectively managing failures and reattempts. In this presentation, Carlos will explore an application comprising a web front-end, a command-line client, and a worker, all adeptly managing requests with resilience and functional principles, utilizing the ZIO framework and the zio-temporal library. Additionally, he’ll delve into establishing a local development environment through illustrative code examples.

Scala in the City

This gathering is for you if you enjoy everything Scala and functional programming related.

Scala in the City is one of the Scala conferences September 2023 to visit! It’s an event put on by Signify Technologies, the Scala Recruiting Specialists, with the goal of giving all you enthusiastic developers a place to learn, share information, and network on a worldwide scale.

Want to talk about the newest releases and technologies? Then inquire as to when the next event is, since it will undoubtedly be on the schedule and you’ll hear from contributors from the industry.

The Atlanta Scala Meetup Group

scala meetups 2023

The Atlanta Scala Meetup is a place where Scala practitioners may connect with like-minded individuals, learn about or present cutting-edge technologies, and network with employers or job seekers.

Every month, on the first Tuesday at 7 PM Eastern, they have a gathering. Although the concept is open-ended, we intend to mix community involvement, speakers, and workshops.

Dallas Scala Enthusiasts

Scala meetups 2023

The community is a collection of executives, architects, and software developers who are enthusiastic about Scala. Explore the language with them as they look at its ecosystem, frameworks, and hybrid FP/OO paradigm. Speakers and themes are constantly sought, and participation is encouraged.

London Scala Talks

Scala meetups 2023

Get ready for an engaging evening with the London Scala User Group as they present their kickoff event, featuring talks by Monica McGuigan and Jamie Willis. Monica shares her journey as a junior Scala developer, navigating the challenges and triumphs of her first year in the field, while Jamie discusses writing maintainable parsers using Parsley. This event promises valuable insights into Scala and functional programming, catering to newcomers and experienced developers alike. The talks are complemented by networking opportunities. 

But that’s not all! Scala Conferences in September 2023 are just getting started.

Scala in the City | Austin, TX – September @ Lightbend and Dun & Bradstreet

scala meetups 2023

Get ready for Scala in the City’s exciting event in Austin, Texas! Hosted by Lightbend and Dun & Bradstreet, the evening features networking, talks, and more. Enjoy discussions, pizza, and the chance to explore new opportunities in the Scala field.

Wroclaw Scala User Group

scala meetups 2023

Wrocław Scala User Group is for everyone interested in Scala programming language and related technologies in Wrocław and nearby. The meeting will be conducted in Polish. 

Software Architecture

Conf42Platform Engineering 2023

software architecture conferences 2023

This virtual event will feature a keynote and a range of sessions on various tracks including Artificial Intelligence, Getting Started, Tools, Deep Dive, Lessons Learned, and Culture. Experts from leading companies like Kong, Booz Allen Hamilton, Citigroup, AWS, and more will delve into topics such as APIOps, Generative AI, Platform Engineering adoption, GitOps architecture, cloud network segmentation, and much more. Whether you’re interested in AI, microservices, observability, or culture in tech, this event offers a unique opportunity to learn from industry leaders and connect with fellow tech enthusiasts.

Software Architecture Summit

Software Architecture Summit

The main modern software architecture training program. Domain driven design, contemporary software architecture, soft skills & career are the three options available.

Apidays London

Apidays London

Attendees of this conference will acquire important insights into how organizations use AI APIs to improve their operations and customer experiences as well as how they can use this technology to spur growth and achieve a competitive edge.


software architecture conferences 2023

With more than 100 speeches from 14 different subject areas, code.talks provides a diverse program. At the two-day conference at Hamburg’s CinemaxX Dammtor, more than 130 speakers from around the world are eager to welcome you. Enjoy the chance to share ideas with partners, sponsors, and other developers in our Expo Area as well as the seminars and panel discussions focusing on the most recent technological advancements and international trends.

Atlanta Developers’ Conference

software architecture conferences 2023

The keynote, titled “From Cold Calls to Code Calls: Leveraging Transferable Skills,” will be delivered by Shaundai Person, a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix. Drawing from her journey of transitioning from a successful sales career to software engineering, Shaundai will discuss the invaluable transferable skills that have given her a competitive edge in the tech industry. Aspiring and seasoned engineers alike will discover how their diverse experiences can enrich their tech careers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn and connect.

Shift Conference

Shift Conference

The IT community from across the world will come together for this experience to learn, network, and make new memories over the course of two days. Professionals, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, disruptors, and visionaries are gathered here.

Copenhagen Developers Festival 2023

Copenhagen Developers Festival 2023

NDC TechTown is your gateway to the latest trends, techniques, and insights in software development. With a diverse lineup of renowned speakers, hands-on workshops, and thought-provoking sessions, you’ll immerse yourself in the world of cutting-edge technologies, best practices, and strategies that drive successful product development.

GraphQL Conf

GraphQL Conf

The developers of some of the most significant technologies underlying GraphQL come together at GraphQLConf. These presenters will talk about the difficulties the developing GraphQL ecosystem is facing while sharing their expertise, knowledge, and ideas.

Open Source Summit Europe

Open Source Summit Europe

The Open Source Summit is the premier gathering for open source developers, technologists, and community leaders to work together, exchange knowledge, find solutions to issues, and advance open source innovation. It serves as a hub for contributions from the community and open-source projects.

The most significant technologies, subjects, and problems affecting open source today are covered by the events under the conference umbrella known as Open Source Summit

Software Architecture fwdays’23

software architecture conferences for developers 2023

A dynamic conference focused on practical software architecture topics. Featuring a diverse lineup of speakers from around the globe, the event’s main days are on September 19 (online) and September 23 (offline). Talks will cover Solution Architecture, Cloud Architecture, DevOps, and System Architecture, providing valuable insights for software professionals. Moreover, 10% of each ticket cost goes toward humanitarian missions and volunteer foundations in Ukraine.

Digital Labin 2023

Digital Labin 2023

Join the Digital Labin conference, where the digital world’s masterminds gather, fostering collaboration among web, mobile, software development, design, and management professionals.

Enhance your skills through masterclasses and workshops led by IT industry leaders. Sharpen your expertise in various areas, from front-end development to speculative design and dynamic landing page generation.

JAX New York

JAX New York

The Conference for Software Architects & Leaders. Learn from experienced leaders about challenges in master software design and architecture. 

4Developers Gdańsk 2023

4Developers Gdańsk 2023

Local editions of 4Developers are primarily characterized by a wide variety of topics tailored to the region and an intimate atmosphere that fosters networking. This event is not only about training but also about building connections. 4Developers Satellites embody the same atmosphere you’re familiar with from the main Festival edition: multiple tracks to choose from, practical lectures, excellent speakers, and an open ambiance. Come and gain knowledge from top experts, as well as connect with industry professionals in your area.

Chicago Coder Conference

Chicago Coder Conference

.NET, Java, Cloud, Big Data, Security, UX/Front End Development, IoT, DevOps, Architecture/Integration, Mobile, Agile, and Test Automation are among the tracks available at the three-day Chicago Coder Conference.

DevTalks Cluj-Napoca

software architecture conferences for developers 2023

On the Main Stage and Programming Stage, they’ll bring together eminent speakers from all over the world. We’ll share the most recent developments in emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and the future of engineering, with outstanding community leaders.

AxonIQ Conference

event driven architecture conferences 2023

Featuring keynote speakers like Josh Long and industry experts discussing topics ranging from resilient applications and multi-region applications to embracing CQRS journey and building reactive app backends, this conference offers insights into cutting-edge practices and approaches in the world of event-driven applications. With a diverse lineup and a focus on networking, this event is a must-attend for professionals looking to delve deeper into event-driven excellence.


React & React Native MTL Monthly Meetup

frontend meetups 2023

Every month, the community gets together to talk about React progress as well as new tools, features, and frameworks. They are focused on fostering the Montreal React community by exchanging ideas and advice, working with a young technology where best practices are still developing, and sharing their most recent discoveries. 

In this month the title of the presentation is Dynamic SVG images using Next.js by Nicolas Bouvrette.

ReactJS Girls #25

frontend meetups 2023

The ReactJS Girls Meetup aims to represent female engineers who are interested in learning and sharing their expertise with React. Everyone is welcome to attend the event, even though it is geared toward women. 

This month, 3 talks are confirmed:
Put the ‘U’ in User Experience! by Elle Townsend (Web Engineer, Monzo)

Server Components – React’s Server-Side Revolution by Stephanie Shaw (Senior Frontend Engineer, Beamery)

A love letter to long lines and other DX stories by Jo Franchetti (Developer Advocate, Spotify)

React Berlin September Meetup: Creating Videos with React & Remotion & More

frontend meetups 2023

React Berlin is a local meetup and group for discussing anything regarding the React(.js) and React Native ecosystems. based in Berlin but welcoming speakers and guests from throughout the world. So far one talk is confirmed – Creating Dynamic Videos with React & Remotion by Felix Wotschofsky.

JSConf México

frontend conferences 2023

Attend to the first-ever live event in Mexico of the premier front-end developer conference in the world. Meet the individuals bringing ground-breaking projects to life. Connect with a vibrant, vivacious, strong, and expanding community.

You’ll have access to discussions of current developments in the JS ecosystem. Get more knowledge and talk to professionals. Locate those who share your interests and form a network with them.

Halfstack Vienna 2023

frontend conferences 2023

HalfStack events are entertaining, original single-track JavaScript competitions that are held in informal settings. All attendees at HalfStack receive genuine, high-value experiences.

HalfStack carefully selects speeches that engage the audience in a fun and engaging way while inspiring and educating them. Each HalfStack event offers a cozy atmosphere where attendees have time to get to know one another.

UtahJS Conference 2023

frontend conferences 2023

Join the 12th Annual UtahJS Conference at Jordan Commons in Sandy, UT, where JavaScript Engineers of Utah will convene for a 1-day event focusing on the “JavaScript Ecosystem.” Explore the schedule, engage with speakers, and experience the dynamic environment of the UtahJS Conference.

TypeScript Congress 2023

frontend conferences 2023

A web developer’s online conference on all things related to TypeScript. Hear from business experts and community members, share ideas, converse, and work together at a contemporary tech event.

International JavaScript Conference New York 2023

frontend conferences 2023

International professionals provide their perspectives on the present and future of JavaScript on topics including Angular and React, WebAssembly, Progressive Web Applications, and JAMstack. Join us to increase your knowledge and build relationships with other JS fans.

JSDayIE 2023

javascript conferences 2023

The event features a lineup of top-notch speakers from both Ireland and around the world, covering a range of JavaScript topics. Taking place at The Round Room at the Mansion House in Dawson Street, Dublin, the conference offers various ticket options, including remote access and in-person attendance with welcome packs, meals, and access to the after party. The event’s success is made possible by the support of sponsors and the enthusiastic collaboration of the JavaScript community in Ireland.

React Alicante 2023

react conferences 2023

By taking advantage of the delicious cuisine and pleasant weather from Spain’s southeast coast, you will get the chance to advance your development abilities and connect with individuals from all over the world.

You will have the opportunity to participate in two React and React Native introductory sessions on Thursday. The conference will be held on Friday and Saturday and feature 32 speeches from 32 top speakers.

NodeJS Conference 2023

node js conferences 2023

WebdeBS, which stands for Web Developers Brescia, the city in Italy where the majority of us are from, is the organization behind this conference. WEBdeBS is a group of people who have a strong love for everything linked to the web (and not only).

React Native 2023

react conferences 2023

Speakers of React Native EU 2023 are not simply any experts. These are Core Contributors and leaders in their fields who work for organizations that promote innovation in the cross-platform environment. They are prepared to give tried-and-true solutions and the most recent knowledge that you won’t discover in any ordinary tutorial because they have unmatched hands-on expertise in the React Native ecosystem.

The inventors and co-creators of React Native themselves precisely selected the speakers for our program through a blind review procedure. As they discuss opinions from app developers, library maintainers, and community members on:

Today, tomorrow, and beyond, React Native at scale and in new ecosystems is generating features effectively deploying to production quickly animations in React Native (not simply js) engines!

React Live 2023

react conferences 2023

The most recent topics, including Next.js, React 18, Abstract Syntax Trees, React apps with WASM, Server Components, Edge, and more, will be covered in these talks.

While socializing with the React Community in Amsterdam, you will receive technical updates on the most recent and popular technologies as well as case studies on how to solve your development problems.

SmashingConf Freiburg 2023

frontend meetups 2023

For front-end developers and designers, all about front-end, UX, and design. Featuring explorations into cutting-edge methodologies, web performance, CSS, JavaScript, accessibility, and design systems.

dev.js Wrocław #6

javascript conferences 2023

The event brings together JavaScript enthusiasts for an evening of knowledge-sharing. With presentations covering AI implementation, React.js optimization, and macOS data security, attendees can delve into key topics. The event accommodates up to 80 participants and offers networking opportunities.

KrakowJS Conf

javascript conferences 2023

We cordially invite you to a two-day seminar on programming applications for artificial intelligence. You will be able to learn about the most recent tools and technologies that enable you to program more quickly and accurately at this one-of-a-kind event.

On the first day of the conference, you will gain knowledge about cutting-edge web technologies that facilitate the speedy development of apps and the construction of reliable systems. The second day offers the ability to delve deeper into programming and artificial intelligence-related topics.

Our specialists will outline the most recent developments in artificial intelligence and talk about the tools and technologies that will be most useful to you in your day-to-day job.


GopherCon Brasil 2023

golang conferences 2023

A major Golang gathering in Latin America. The conference features keynote speakers like Wesley Willians, founder of Full Cycle, and Roberto Gandolfo Hashioka, founder of Nextron Energia. The program includes talks on topics like communication between critical systems, functional programming with Go, integrating microservices with OpenTelemetry, the future of data processing in Go, and more. The event covers various levels of expertise and ends with lightning talks and a happy hour.


golang conferences 2023

GopherCon has outstanding pre-conference workshops led by some of the smartest people, some of the best programming based on market trends and conference attendees’ feedback, endless networking opportunities, a sunny beach location, and your gopher friends from all over the world!

Service Weaver Workshop at Google NYC

golang workshops 2023

A Go programming framework called Service Weaver makes it simple to create, launch, and maintain distributed applications. You can write your application as a modular monolith and then compile it into a single binary using Service Weaver. The binary is then divided by the Service Weaver runtime and made available as a collection of distributed services. With the help of this programming paradigm, you may concentrate on the functionality of your code rather than where it executes. Your program can be installed locally on your laptop, remotely across a network of computers using SSH, or in the cloud! In addition, compared to the norm, the Service Weaver runtime can significantly lower infrastructure costs and increase application latency.

Seattle Go Programmers – monthly meetup

golang meetups 2023

Anyone with an interest in the Go programming language is welcome to join the Seattle Go User Group.

There’s a chance to: 

  • Talk about Go and related subjects
  • Network with others who share your interest in Go
  • Locate and fill open Go positions.

Prague Golang Meetup

golang meetups 2023

Take part in a meetup organized in Czech Prague and learn more about the Go programming language. There will be 2 talks during the upcoming event:

Discover the Power of Profiling: Uncovering Bugs and Driving Performance Improvements by Dmytro Kasianenko (Heureka) 

Building a Go-based Surveillance SaaS by Ondrej Sery (EyeTowers)

Manchester Go meetup

golang meetups 2023

Anyone with an interest in the Go programming language is welcome to join the club. They will look at blueprints, how-tos, and construct some sample applications. All skill levels are welcome. This group is mostly for the community to exchange best practices and knowledge.


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