Scalendar Scala conferences 2024

Scalendar July 2023

Scalendar Scala conferences 2024

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We’re presenting another edition packed with Scala conferences in July 2023, valuable updates, and a curated calendar of events dedicated to Scala programming, architecture, and front-end development. This newsletter aims to keep you informed and engaged in the ever-evolving landscape of these exciting fields! 


ZIO Hackathon 

ZIO hackathon Scala

This official ZIO Hackathon aims to connect many main ZIO contributors from around the globe with existing and potential ZIO users and contributors to additional libraries for async and concurrent programming in the larger functional Scala ecosystem.

We’ll work on enjoyable projects, talk about functional programming and functional Scala, discuss and learn about ZIO and related projects, and get to know one another.



Barcelona Developers

A multidisciplinary conference designed for and by Developers, with 7 programs covering the following themes, to learn and share about the various modern software technologies utilized by companies:

Cloud, DevOps, VMs, Kubernetes | Frontend | Leadership, Agile, Diversity | Big Data, Machine Learning, AI, Python | Java | JVM | Go, Rust, C++, C# |



OOP’s motto for this year is “Finding the Perfect Balance.” The conference’s content also depends on finding the correct balance. Due to this, the 14 track chairmen this year carefully examined the tracks’ layout again. SUSTAIN_ability – responsible future actions, Product Development in Balance, and Social Integration. OOP 2023 Digital provides the following subjects: DevOps: The Balance between Dev and Ops, C++ & Programming Embedded Systems, The State of Modern Web Development, and Software Architecture: New Approaches & Fundamentals.


scala conferences 2023

The largest conference for programmers of intricate and heavily loaded systems – HighLoad++, is now in Serbia!

Organizers have brought together highly qualified individuals worldwide for more than 15 years to exchange experiences, discuss trending issues, learn, and network. 

They are delighted to invite the global IT community to join HighLoad++ Serbia.


scala conferences 2023

A full-stack, tech-obsessed conference populated by amusing, code-loving people who exchange knowledge and have fun.

Any other technical conference is different from THAT Conference. Due to the stunning Kalahari Resort and Waterpark is the setting for this extraordinary four-day summer camp, packed with workshops, sessions, open spaces, family events, and networking opportunities. There is something for everyone to learn and experience at this family-friendly event because it has both professional and family tracks.




WarsawJS is a close-knit community of JavaScript experts and enthusiasts who gather monthly to discuss their beloved programming language. This community is dedicated to exchanging insights and knowledge across various domains where JavaScript finds applications, ranging from web browsers, servers, development tools, mobile devices, smart TVs, micro controllers, databases, and even video games. The focus is on sharing experiences and expertise from diverse fields where JavaScript is crucial.

Middlesbrough Front End

IT conferences 2023

Middlesbrough Front End is a meetup explicitly tailored for the developer community in Middlesbrough, primarily focusing on front-end development.


IT conferences 2023

EMBERCONF is the primary annual event organized by the Ember.js community. It provides a unique opportunity to engage with the Ember Core Team, prominent contributors, and fellow users. It also allows you to participate in this momentous occasion as we gather in person for the first time in years.


IT conferences 2023

This Community Event has grown out of the popularity and success of a monthly meet-up. Especially for developers, solution architects, and tech enthusiasts seeking to stay connected with the industry, the CityJS conference seems to provide the latest updates on innovative changes in the JS field. Attendees are free to choose from various thought-provoking workshops and talks. 

Toronto JavaScript

IT conferences 2023

Toronto JavaScript is a community driven by volunteers, with the primary goal of supporting individuals on their learning journey and facilitating the exchange of knowledge and enthusiasm for JavaScript. Moreover, they cover many topics, including client-side and server-side development, frameworks, CSS, build tools, DevOps, career development, and practical applications.

See you in August!

We’ve handpicked these Scala conferences in July 2023 and other valuable events to ensure your brain gets its well-deserved workout. Whether you’re an expert seeking enlightenment or a newbie craving inspiration, our conferences have covered you. All in the light of expanding your knowledge, meeting quirky professionals, and getting ready to unleash your inner conference guru. 

Remember to click those links for more info and register before spots vanish like socks in a washing machine. 

Finally, brace yourself for a month of laughter, learning, and unforgettable connections. It’s time to conference like nobody’s business!

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