17.01.2024 / By Jakub Czuchnowski

Getting started with ZIO HTTP

ZIO HTTP is a library for building HTTP applications in Scala. It started as a ZIO wrapper over the Netty library, developed at Dream11 for their high throughput, low latency services. Revealed in 2021 at Functional Scala, it made a great impression on the attendants not only because of the great type-safe DSL but also […]

15.06.2023 / By Jorge Vasquez

How to write a (completely lock-free) concurrent LRU Cache with ZIO STM

Writing concurrent data structures using traditional tools - just like everything else under java.util.concurrent - is generally very complicated. So, in this article, we are going to see how ZIO STM can make our lives a lot easier when it comes to writing concurrent data structures - such as a concurrent LRU Cache - in a completely lock-free fashion that is a lot simpler to reason about.

03.03.2023 / By Jaroslav Regec

ZIO SQL: Type-safe SQL for ZIO applications

This article was inspired by a great blog post by Adam Warski, who wrote a comparison of Slick, Doobie, Quill and ScalikeJDBC a few years ago. As ZIO SQL just had its first non-production release, I wanted to add ZIO SQL to the mix and see how it compares to others. Therefore, in the Tour […]

09.01.2023 / By András Kramer

How to learn ZIO? (And Functional Programming)

Suppose you are a Scala developer who has decided to learn ZIO. Maybe you’ve heard that it’s the future of Scala and that every Scala developer will be using it in a couple of years. Maybe you have listened to an interesting talk about how it can solve hard problems in a very straightforward and […]

24.11.2022 / By Daria Karasek

ZIO Test: What, Why, and How?

Functional World meetup is a global event aimed at improving learning and knowledge sharing among developers with a passion for functional programming. This year’s edition was focused on the ZIO Scala library. In that vein, we invited developer and ZIO enthusiast Marcin Krykowski to speak about the functional power of ZIO Tests. Marcin previously worked […]

28.06.2022 / By Jorge Vasquez

A Prelude of Purity: Scaling Back ZIO

ZIO World is the leading annual global ZIO-based event created by Ziverge. The event aims to inspire new trends, promote innovation, and reveal significant developments across the ZIO ecosystem. ZIO World invites developers to share their expertise in using ZIO. This year, ZIO World hosted Scalac developer and ZIO contributor Jorge Vásquez. His presentation focused on […]

02.12.2021 / By Agata Nowak, Jan Nasiadka

7 ZIO experts share why they choose ZIO

How can pure functionality take your project to a whole new level? Now you have a chance to get insider information from professionals with invaluable knowledge resulting from years of experience.  We asked 7 ZIO and Scala developers from various companies (including Univalence, PPC Samurai, MATECHS, CreditSCRIPT, rudder.io) a few questions about ZIO. Now we […]