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Figma to React: Design to Code Conversion

From Figma to React: Introduction Recently, within our team, a discussion emerged about converting designs made in Figma into React code. This conversation was sparked due to the constant evolution of tools available for developers. While the possibility of converting design to code has existed for some time, its implementation has been, frankly speaking, suboptimal. […]

07.03.2024 / By 

Building application with AI: from concept to prototype

Introduction – Artificial Intelligence in Application Development When a few years ago the technological world was taken over by the blockchain trend, I must admit that I didn’t hop on that train. I couldn’t see the real value that this technology could bring to someone designing application interfaces. However, when the general public got to […]

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AI for programmers

Introduction – towards the using AI in software develompent With the growing discussions about the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into software development via tools like ChatGPT and Github Copilot, I have explored these AI-driven coding aids for some time. Initially, I engaged with Tabnine, a tool similar in function to Github Copilot, albeit a […]