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Welcome to the July edition of our newsletter! We bring you the latest updates on Scala conferences in July 2024, as well as frontend development and software architecture events. There are several conferences and meetups this month for developers of all levels, despite the start of a vacation season. Whether you’re looking to deepen your knowledge of Scala, enhance your frontend skills, or explore new trends in software architecture, there’s an event for you. From insightful talks in Wrocław and London to hands-on workshops in Lagos and Wisconsin, July is packed with opportunities to learn, network, and grow in the tech community.

Scala Conferences July 2024

Wroclaw Scala User Group

scala conferences 2024

The very last Wrocław Scala User Group meetup before the summer break. During the event you can expect two insightful talks. The first one is “Human(o)IDs – designing IDs for both machines AND humans” by Jakub Wojnowski, which explores making IDs more type-safe and human-friendly by utilizing Scala. As for the second –  “Scala 3 features you probably haven’t used (yet)” by Kacper Korban, covering lesser-known and experimental features in Scala 3. Speakers include Jakub Wojnowski, a Software Engineer at Sirius XM, and Kacper Korban, a Scala Developer at VirtusLab. This event is perfect for those interested in functional programming, JVM languages, Scala, distributed systems, and software development.

ScalaBridge Online

scala conferences 2024

Join ScalaBridge Online: Season 5 for a coding and creation session. This event features a foundations track for beginners and a web development track, using Discord for communication. Sign up on the ScalaBridge website to receive the Discord link upon RSVP.

ScalaBridge London

scala conferences 2024

The final event of ScalaBridge London’s summer term, hosted by SiriusXM. This community-run group focuses on learning and improving programming skills, catering to both new programmers and experienced developers, with this term’s advanced topic being Cats Effects.

Scala Portugal

scala conferences 2024

Join the “Building Better Open Source with John A. De Goes” series, held every Friday from June 21 to September 2, at 5 PM WEST. The online “Zymposium” provides insights into creating and improving open-source software. To participate, register via the provided Zoom link. Topics covered include new technology, web development, and software development. Join the event to enhance your open-source skills and network with other enthusiasts. Or Zivthusiasts? ;)

Software Architecture

Developer Week

software architecture conferences 2024

This event features over 220 sessions and 180 speakers, covering a wide array of topics including .NET, Web, Cloud, and Java. DWX provides a platform for networking, hands-on workshops, DevSessions, and interactive discussions, allowing developers to learn about the latest trends and technologies. DWX offers valuable insights and practical knowledge in a relaxed, chill atmosphere, emphasizing the importance of continuous education in software development.

Riviera DEV

software architecture conferences 2024

Riviera DEV is a premier conference for developers by developers, held at the most beautiful European technology park. This three-day event features 50 conferences, 30 workshops, and aims to provide a first-class tech experience where developers can learn, hack, and network.

ÜberConf 2024

software architecture conferences 2024

ÜberConf is the ultimate conference for software developers and architects. This year celebrating its 15th anniversary, this top-notch North American event for Java technologists offers over 150 sessions and workshops across ten concurrent tracks, covering topics such as Software Architecture, Generative AI, Modern Java, Tech Leadership, Security, GitHub, DevOps, Microservices, Kubernetes, and Machine Learning.

WeAreDevelopers World Congress

we are developers conference

WeAreDevelopers World Congress is the leading event for devs and tech decision-makers. This conference features over 500 speakers and 15000+ developers. Attendees will gain insights into the latest trends in software development, cloud computing, AI, machine learning, and more – all through engaging sessions, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities.

APIConf Lagos

APIConf Lagos conference

APIConf aims to promote API literacy across diverse developer ecosystems in Lagos, Nigeria, and Africa. This conference is designed for developers, architects, CTOs, and tech enthusiasts of all skill levels. Attendees will be able to network with industry leaders, participate in hands-on workshops and live demos, and explore cutting-edge solutions in sectors like fintech and healthtech. The event offers a dynamic setting to gain practical skills, connect with top minds, and discover the latest advancements in API technology.

THAT Conference Wisconsin Dells

THAT Conference Wisconsin Dells

THAT Conference is a four-day summer camp for developers passionate about mobile, web, cloud, and technology. This unique event offers a blend of workshops, sessions, open spaces, family activities, and networking, all set in the beautiful Kalahari Resort and Waterpark.


React Wrocław Meetup

frontend conferences 2024

This event organized by Vazco for the eighth time, offers top-notch React talks, networking opportunities, as well as refreshments and snacks – including pizza and beer. ;) If you can’t attend in person, don’t worry – the event will be streamed online. It’s a great chance to connect with fellow web and mobile developers, enhance your JavaScript and React skills, and learn from industry experts.

WarsawJS Meetup #116

frontend conferences 2024

This meetup will take place both onsite and online and will feature three presentations: “TypeScript Template Literal Types” by Michał Michalczuk, “Simplicity in the Spectrum: Identifying and Overcoming Overengineering” by Przemysław Konefał, and “Writing Secure JavaScript” by Andrii Romasiun. The meetup will also include networking opportunities.

Middlesbrough Front End

frontend conferences 2024

An event dedicated to push front-end developers to shape the web of tomorrow. This conference features a full day of engaging talks, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities. Highlights include sessions by industry leaders like Daniel Roe on “The Rise of the Meta Framework,” Lu Wilson on intuitive design, and Harry Roberts on performance engineering.

Chain React

chain react conference

Chain React will feature the latest in React Native. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with leaders from companies such as Meta, Amazon, and Expo, and take part in practical learning sessions tailored to all skill levels. The event will include talks, live demonstrations, and industry announcements from top React Native experts.

The Geek Conf

the geek conf

Powered by GeekyAnts, the React Native x Modern Web conference offers insightful sessions on React Native and frontend technologies. With over 20 sessions, 500+ in-person guests, and 5,000+ online attendees, it provides a unique opportunity to network and learn from the industry’s best. Join the community to explore the latest trends, attend workshops, and enjoy the Geek tech culture.


July 2024 promises many opportunities for learning, networking, and professional growth across the Scala, frontend, and software architecture domains. Hope this newsletter helps you discover some tech events that grab your attention and help you along your journey in the tech world. Connect, learn, and grow not only in July 2024, but the whole year around –  we’re here to help you find your way, even through this newsletter. Cheers!

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Scalendar July 2024

Welcome to the July edition of our newsletter! We bring you the latest updates on Scala conferences in July 2024, as well as frontend development and software architecture events. There are several conferences and meetups this month for developers of all levels, despite the start of a vacation season. Whether you’re looking to deepen your […]

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