scalendar may 2024

Scalendar May 2024

scalendar may 2024

Event-driven Newsletter

Welcome to our May 2024 edition of Scalendar! As we move into a bustling spring, this issue brings you a compilation of the most anticipated frontend and software architecture events around the globe. With a particular focus on Scala conferences in May 2024, our newsletter serves as your guide to keep you updated with the latest trends, technologies, and networking opportunities in IT and programming. Whether you’re interested in what’s the newest in web development, functional programming, or architectural innovations, there’s an event tailored just for you. Grab your calendars and get ready to mark some important dates!

Scala Conferences 2024

Lambda Days

lambda days 2024

Lambda Days is an exceptional event blending functional programming’s academic theories and industry practices. This conference has been a pivotal arena for fostering collaboration and showcasing innovative technologies in languages like Scala, Erlang, Haskell, F#, and Elixir for over a decade. Attendees can engage in keynotes, discussions, and workshops with experts like Dame Muffy Calder and Ningning Xie, focused on cutting-edge topics from algebraic effect handlers to functional optics and beyond.


lambda conf 2024

This year’s event, themed “Unchain Your Mind,” marks its return with a vibrant fusion of research and industry topics. The conference will cover a wide range of topics, including new programming languages, virtual machines, and technological innovations, as well as their practical applications in the field. Additionally, the conference features an engaging puzzle event, The Lovelace Enigma, and a post-conference hackathon focused on API development. Special workshops like a two-day Rust workshop by John A. De Goes are included, enhancing practical learning opportunities.


scala conferences 2024

Take part in a Spanish-speaking meetup organized by us – Scalac itself! The first meetup of the year (but certainly not the last one) will focus on the topic of blockchain. Enrique Rodriguez, whom you’ve had the opportunity to meet at one of our meetups before, will delve into the subject. Enrique is also preparing a series of articles on this topic, so stay tuned and join us for the event!

Scala Talks

scala conferences 2024

Join the London Scala Talks at The Trade Desk in London for an evening dedicated to advancing your understanding of functional programming with Scala and Elm. The event will feature Uma Zalakain discussing precision error handling in Scala and Sophie Collard sharing insights from her experience with 10 000 lines of Elm code. The Scala conference starts at 6:15 PM with a networking hour followed by talks and a post-event gathering at a local pub. Attendees are encouraged to sign up on EventBrite by May 20 to ensure access.

The Atlanta Scala Meetup

scala conferences 2024

The Atlanta Scala Meetup convenes monthly on the first Tuesday at 7 PM Eastern Time to connect Scala practitioners. This virtual meetup aims to foster a community where participants can meet peers, discover new technologies, and engage with potential employers or talent. Each session offers a mix of community interaction, expert speakers, and workshops.

Dallas Scala Enthusiasts

scala conferences 2024

The Dallas Scala Enthusiasts group offers a series of monthly online meetups via Zoom, scheduled every second Thursday of the month. These sessions encourage attendees of all skill levels to engage in general conversations, discussions, and presentations about Scala. Members can suggest topics, ask questions, and even present to the group. 

ScalaBridge London

scala bridge london 2024

ScalaBridge London, a community-oriented group dedicated to teaching and advancing programming skills, is hosting its second Scala conference of the summer term at Morgan Stanley. This time, it focuses on Cats Effects, continuing its tradition of introducing material to new programmers and specialized topics for the more experienced. The agenda includes a networking hour, followed by two hours of hands-on learning.

ScalaBridge Online

scala conferences 2024

ScalaBridge is launching its first online event of the summer term. This season, two tracks are offered: a foundational course for beginners and a web development track catering to different skill levels and interests. The events are conducted on Discord.


Weblica 2024

frontend conferences 2024

Weblica is a comprehensive platform for IT professionals, from developers to managers and students. The conference is renowned for its rich diversity of topics, covering everything from JavaScript frameworks like React and Vue to backend technologies such as .NET and Python and emerging areas like AI and blockchain. This year’s event will continue its tradition of fostering development and collaboration within the IT sector, offering opportunities for learning through lectures, interactive discussions, and networking. Attendees can expect to engage with over 70 expert speakers, participate in hands-on sessions, and enjoy social events that complement the technical program.

App.js Conf 2024

frontend conferences 2024

This event promises hands-on workshops led by React Native and Expo maintainers, focusing on accelerating development with Expo, perfecting navigation with Expo Router, and mastering animations with Reanimated. Workshops like debugging and optimizing React Native apps will also enhance your skills. The conference features speakers like Dolly Ma, James Ide, and Charlie Cheever. Enjoy networking opportunities, an afterparty, and practical sessions to enhance your mobile development prowess.

International JavaScript Conference San Diego

frontend conferences 2024

Register now for the International JavaScript Conference in San Diego or online. This year’s conference features insightful sessions and in-depth workshops designed to elevate your JavaScript skills. The rich program includes vital topics like Angular, React, and Node.js. 

Vueconf US 2024

frontend conferences 2024

Organized by Evan You, the creator of Vue.js, this conference promises to be an exceptional gathering for developers interested in Vue.js and its ecosystem. Attendees can expect a range of workshops from May 15th, including hands-on training sessions on getting started with Vue, mastering Nuxt 3, and proven patterns for building Vue apps. The main event on May 16th and 17th features speakers covering topics like AI in testing, common mistakes in Vue.js, and performance-minded development with Nuxt 3.

JSHeroes 2024

JSHeroes 2024

JSHeroes 2024 is gearing up for its 6th edition, promising a blend of engaging talks, in-depth workshops, and vibrant networking for JavaScript and Web/Frontend enthusiasts from around the globe. Organized by the community for the community, this non-profit event invites participants to delve into everything JavaScript with a single-track, two-day conference.

Webinale 2024

webinale 2024

Webinale 2024 is a holistic web conference featuring a robust lineup of expert speakers, and workshops – all focused on what’s the latest in web technology and tech trends. This year’s conference promises exciting presentations and workshops in areas like AI, robotics, modern CSS, user experience, web components, sustainability in web practices, and more. 

React Conf

React Conf 2024

Join React Conf for two immersive days of talks, workshops, and community interaction focused on React development. This event, co-hosted by Meta, Callstack, and the React team, celebrates over a decade of React with a look forward to the framework’s future, featuring keynotes from industry leaders and community favorites. Whether you’re a developer looking to deepen your understanding of React, share your experiences, or simply enjoy the community vibe, there’s something for everyone.

WarsawJS Meetup

WarsawJS Meetup

This meetup promises three engaging JavaScript presentations, complemented by networking opportunities. The evening features talks by Tomasz Ducin on the latest in Angular, Michał Trojanowski on securing single-page applications, and Tobiasz Ciesielski on the benefits of TailwindCSS. Limited tickets are still available, so be sure to reserve your spot early.

meet.js Wrocław

meet.js Wrocław

This one will feature insightful talks, including Piotr Jabłoński discussing user privacy with Sentry, and Mateusz Pydych introducing WebSockets in React. The event is free and will be conducted in Polish, providing a great opportunity for networking. For those who cannot attend in person, online participation and streaming details are available. Join the local tech community for an evening of learning and connection.

React Native Heroes

react native heroes 2024

React Native Heroes is a pivotal gathering for Italy’s React Native development community. This conference offers a crucial platform for developers to engage with the latest updates and practices within the React Native ecosystem, focusing on new architectures and enhancements in the developer experience. It provides unique networking opportunities, coupled with expert discussions on the framework’s evolution and changes in the open-source environment.

Software Architecture 

New England Software Symposium

software architecture conferences 2024

New England Software Symposium offers a deep dive into evolving software development landscapes, featuring sessions on modern Java, DevOps, microservices, AI, and more. Participants will learn from experienced developers, software architects, and trainers such as Craig Walls and Brian Sletten. Attendees can also enjoy the virtual training included with their ticket, which grants access to 5 virtual workshop credits redeemable for monthly live workshops or on-demand sessions.

Devoxx UK 2024

software architecture conferences 2024

This year, Devoxx is celebrating over a decade of innovation with more than 170 sessions across six stages, led by a diverse group of inspiring speakers from around the globe. The conference offers an extensive array of topics, including software architecture, AI, machine learning, modern Java, and more, ensuring there’s something for every developer. Beyond the sessions, enjoy networking opportunities, evening socials, and some fun elements that make your learning experience more enjoyable. With everything recorded for later viewing, you won’t miss out if you can’t make it to everything live.

Clean Architecture Masterclass 2024

software architecture conferences 2024

Join the practical and pragmatic Clean Architecture certification training for Java developers focusing on building large-scale applications. This in-depth course will walk you through the main architectural styles, like Clean Architecture, Hexagonal Architecture, Layered Architecture, and others. It’s designed to help you master designing clean, pragmatic architecture and structuring your application effectively using real-world Java examples. Ideal for developers, architects, and technical leads, this course aims to enhance your skills in managing and improving software design, emphasizing modularity, testing core logic, and balancing standardization with pragmatism.

NewCrafts Paris Conference 2024

software architecture conferences 2024

Discover the art of software engineering at the NewCrafts Paris Conference. This annual, global, and independent event attracts developers, testers, architects, and curious practitioners from around the world. It aims to create functional code and inspire reflection on the crafting process itself. With a robust lineup of 50 speakers and over 50 talks and workshops, participants will have the opportunity to dive deep into new insights and approaches in software development.

Devsum 2024

Devsum 2024

DevSum is the premier software development conference in Sweden. Celebrating two decades of innovation and learning, DevSum offers a rich agenda featuring over 70 internationally recognized speakers who are experts in various fields such as Web Development, Software Architecture, AI & Machine Learning, People & Teams, Programming Languages, and Cloud. This conference is designed to inspire attendees, keep them abreast of the latest trends, and provide practical knowledge that can be applied immediately in the workplace. With six tracks and more than 70 sessions, attendees can access cutting-edge insights and opportunities to learn from top industry leaders.

DevDays Europe

DevDays Europe 2024

DevDays Europe 2024 is set to occur online and onsite in Vilnius. This edition promises to immerse participants in emerging technologies and best practices in the software development industry, with more than 130 international speakers and attendees from over 35 countries. The conference includes six tracks covering diverse topics from programming languages to machine learning and microservices, ensuring there’s something for every tech professional.

Domain-Driven Design Europe

Domain-Driven Design Europe 2024

Domain-Driven Design Europe is the premier conference dedicated to advancing the field of software modeling, design, strategy, and architecture. This conference will feature two major components: the main conference, which will include a variety of talks and hands-on labs led by industry leaders, and the DDD Foundations, specifically designed for those new to DDD as well as seasoned practitioners seeking a refresher on key concepts. The DDD Academy also offers year-round access to online and in-person workshops.

Apidays Helsinki & North 2024

Apidays Helsinki & North 2024

This conference is set to connect over 500 participants from more than 500 companies, offering over 50 sessions and talks by more than 50 speakers. The event is designed to merge the physical and digital realms, focusing on Sustainable APIs crucial in the age of AI, Supercomputing, and Quantum Computing. It serves as a platform for learning from the best about various topics such as Business Models, Design & Documentation, Lifecycle Management, Security & Identity, and much more. Aimed at a wide range of professionals, including CIOs, CTOs, developers, and product managers, the conference will cover significant advancements in the banking, healthcare, and transport sectors.

Craft Conference 2024

craft conference 2024

Craft Conference aimed at software professionals, offers a variety of talks and masterclasses to educate attendees on the latest tools, methods, and practices of software craft. Notable speakers from leading companies like Google, Spotify, Netflix, Tesla, and Apple will share their insights. Attendees can expect to learn about tech leadership, high-performing teams, software architecture, and microservices. The conference also provides opportunities for deeper engagement through masterclasses led by seasoned industry experts.


As we wrap up this month’s Scalendar, we hope you’ve found valuable opportunities to engage with the community and advance your professional skills. Whether diving deep into frontend technologies, exploring the intricacies of software architecture, or participating in Scala conferences in May 2024, there is a wealth of knowledge to glean from these events. These gatherings are perfect for enhancing your skills, meeting like-minded professionals, and staying ahead in the constantly evolving tech world. We look forward to bringing you more updates and insights in our next edition. Until then, happy coding and networking!

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