scalendar march 2024

Scalendar March 2024

scalendar march 2024

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In the rapidly evolving world of software development, staying in line with the latest trends, technologies, and community gatherings is crucial for professionals seeking to enhance their skills and network. Scalendar serves as your comprehensive guide to navigate events scheduled worldwide, from specialized Scala conferences in March 2024 to broader gatherings on software architecture, API strategies, domain-driven design, and cutting-edge frontend technologies. Dive into an array of events designed to inspire, educate, and connect the community, from celebrating Scala’s 20th anniversary at Scalar Conference to exploring domain-driven design at Explore DDD, and much more.

Scala Conferences March 2024

Scalar Conference 2024

scalar conference 2024

Scalar Conference 2024 is set to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Scala language. Offering a single-track program, attendees can immerse themselves in two days of learning about functional programming and connecting with a vibrant community of IT experts. With diverse topics ranging from Scala tooling ecosystem to generative art with Scala, the conference promises an enriching experience for all attendees. From surprise talks to hands-on workshops and engaging discussions, Scalar Conference guarantees fun, learning, and valuable insights into all things Scala and functional programming. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join the Scalar community, share ideas, make friends, and dive deep into the Scala ecosystem.

The Atlanta Scala Meetup Group group

scala conferences 2024

The Atlanta Scala Meetup Group provides a platform for Scala programmers and enthusiasts to come together, share knowledge, and discuss all things related to Scala. With monthly virtual meetups and a growing membership base, the group fosters a supportive community where members can learn, network, and stay updated on Scala news and techniques. Whether you’re an experienced Scala developer or just starting out, the Atlanta Scala Meetup Group offers valuable resources and connections to enhance your Scala journey.

Amsterdam Scala

scala conferences 2024

The “Talks and Drinks: Streams processing with Scio & The effect of uncapturable” event, hosted by the Amsterdam.scala group, offers an evening of insightful discussions and networking opportunities for Scala enthusiasts and functional programming aficionados. With talks on streaming data processing with Scio and the effect of uncapturable, attendees can expect to delve into cutting-edge topics and engage with fellow members of the Scala community.

London Scala Talks

scala conferences 2024

The London Scala User Group is hosting an exciting joint meetup with Krakow, featuring talks by Jacob Wang and Paweł Marks. Wang will delve into “Deep Dive into Context Propagation,” exploring ways to pass values in Scala without function parameters and debugging integration issues with Distributed Tracing libraries. Marks will discuss “Conjuring types from the Void,” focusing on Scala 3 tools for dealing with dynamic data and creating intuitive APIs.

Software Architecture

Voxxed Days Zürich 2024

Voxxed Days Zürich 2024

Voxxed Days Zurich marks its 7th return, promising an inspiring and enjoyable experience. With a track record of success, including the sold-out 2023 edition, the event continues to garner support from participants and sponsors alike. Through a diverse lineup of speakers and engaging activities, Voxxed Days Zurich aims to foster learning, collaboration, and community building within the tech industry. The event remains a highlight for tech enthusiasts in Switzerland and beyond.

Austin API Summit 2024

Austin API Summit 2024

The Austin API Summit 2024 promises an enriching experience, featuring over 40 API experts across two tracks sharing invaluable insights into navigating the API ecosystem. From workshops on OAuth and OpenID Connect to deep dives into API design, security, strategy, and developer experience, attendees can expect a comprehensive exploration of the latest trends and best practices. With renowned speakers from leading tech companies like PagerDuty, Google, Netflix, and more, coupled with engaging demos and networking opportunities, the summit offers a prime platform for knowledge exchange and professional growth.

Explore DDD 2024

Explore DDD 2024

Explore DDD offers a unique opportunity to delve into the world of software modeling and design, elevating expertise and innovation in the field. With renowned speakers like Eric Evans and Vaughn Vernon leading discussions alongside hands-on workshops, attendees gain invaluable insights from industry pioneers and practitioners, optimizing their conference experience. Explore DDD fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange among a diverse community of developers, architects, and business leaders, making it a must-attend event for those passionate about advancing their skills and understanding in domain-driven design.

DDD Melbourne 2024

DDD Melbourne 2024

The event stands as an inclusive non-profit conference aimed at the software community, striving to provide an accessible platform for individuals who may typically be underrepresented in such gatherings. With a commitment to diversity and inclusivity, DDD Melbourne fosters an environment where attendees from all backgrounds can engage, learn, and contribute to the discourse on software development. 

Programmable Melbourne & Sydney

Programmable 2024

Programmable, the Australian software engineering conference, stands as a celebration of exceptional developer content intertwined with a commitment to fostering human connections, and creating interactions among attendees. With Melbourne and Sydney, Programmable offers insightful sessions by both local talent and international speakers, access to esteemed partners, quality swag, culinary delights, interactive activities, and the official post-conference event. With tracks covering Data, Intelligence, Security, Programming Languages, Digital Product Deep Dive, and Cloud First, Programmable strives to cultivate an inclusive environment.

Kafka Summit London 2024

Kafka Summit London 2024

Kafka Summit London 2024 stands at the forefront of the modern business landscape, where real-time data takes center stage in driving innovation and competitive advantage. With the exponential growth of streaming data, this premier event for the Apache Kafka community provides a platform for developers, architects, and data engineers to delve into best practices, next-generation systems, and the latest data streaming technologies. Kafka Summit serves as a vital hub for unlocking the full value of data and accelerating innovation in today’s digital era. 

Conf42: Cloud Native 2024

software architecture conferences 2024

The presentations during Conf42 offer diverse insights into cutting-edge topics shaping the tech landscape, from scalable cloud architectures to serverless computing, AI applications, and Kubernetes orchestration. From pragmatic advice on designing resilient microservices and managing streaming data pipelines to innovative strategies for SaaS development and event-driven architectures, each session provides actionable takeaways and real-world examples.

Voxxed Days Bucharest 2024

Voxxed Days Bucharest 2024

Voxxed Days Bucharest offers a dynamic platform for developers, featuring popular speakers, core developers of open-source technologies, and industry professionals eager to share their knowledge and experiences. With a diverse array of workshops and conference sessions covering topics like Java, cloud computing, architecture, data & AI, modern languages, and DevOps, attendees have ample opportunities to enhance their skills and stay updated on the latest trends. The event promises three enriching days filled with learning, networking, and innovative dining experiences. Conference Conference 2024

The Conference offers a diverse range of opportunities for women in tech, career changers, industry leaders, professionals, and tech enthusiasts alike. With a theme of “HERitage of Tech,” the conference celebrates the contributions of women in technology and provides a platform for learning, networking, and mentorship. The event features renowned speakers, mentors, and trainers covering topics such as product leadership, machine learning, career advancement, and design thinking. Attendees can participate in workshops, keynote speeches, and networking sessions both online and onsite in Krakow.


Frontrunners 2024

Frontrunners 2024

Frontrunners Conference is an annual event for JavaScript and web developers. Featuring a lineup of esteemed speakers presenting on various web development topics, attendees have the opportunity to explore cutting-edge technologies and discuss emerging trends. With presentations ranging from simplifying software success to delving into advanced topics like observability and type-safe web development, Frontrunners promises an enriching experience for all attendees. For those unable to attend, past conference content is accessible through archived videos, ensuring valuable insights are shared beyond the event’s duration. Krakow 2024 Krakow 2024

Fest.Dev, a community-driven initiative, brings together software developers, architects, engineers, and AI enthusiasts to explore the forefront of technology. With a focus on holistic product development, architectural insights, and cutting-edge engineering, Fest.Dev offers a platform for profound discussions and collaboration. Past events like fest.JS in Porto, Portugal, and Kharkiv, Ukraine, demonstrate its commitment to fostering knowledge exchange and innovation. Fest.Dev welcomes contributions and engagement from individuals and organizations alike, aiming to unleash the possibilities of software development.

React Paris 2024

React Paris 2024

React Paris, slated for March 22nd, 2024, promises an immersive experience both in-person and online, showcasing the latest in the React ecosystem. With a lineup of distinguished speakers, including core team members, authors, and industry leaders, attendees can expect insights into cutting-edge frameworks and tech tools. The event, held at Fondation Biermans-Lapôtre in Paris, offers a blend of networking opportunities, profound talks covering topics like React Server Components, AI integration, design, and performance optimization, as well as engaging activities and post-conference festivities.

dev.js Warsaw

  • March 6, 2024
  • Warsaw, Poland
dev.js 2024

Dev.js Warsaw #16 attracts enthusiasts of JavaScript, Front-end, Angular, React, Vue.js, Node.js, and UX. This event brings together enthusiasts, allowing them to participate for free in a meeting with prominent speakers and the opportunity to make valuable connections among the developer community. The agenda includes presentations on microfrontend architecture, creating a custom interpreter for e2e tests, and data visualization techniques, providing participants with the opportunity to gain new skills and inspiration.


meet.js 2024

Meet.js is an upcoming event focusing on the rising trend of low-code and no-code platforms, exploring their potential impact on programming and development. With presentations by industry experts, including Michał Kłaput discussing the future of low-code and no-code, attendees will delve into discussions, networking opportunities, and a panel debate.

WarsawJS Meetup

WarsawJS Meetup 2024

The WarsawJS Meetup #113 is featuring three engaging talks, networking opportunities, and refreshments. Limited tickets are available for this onsite event, promising insightful discussions on JavaScript programming and development, including topics like Advent of Code, going beyond the browser and the cloud, and optimizing a developer’s environment.

VUE.JS Global Summit 24

VUE.JS Global Summit 2024

The event is an online conference scheduled for June 6-7, 2023, offering software engineers insights into the latest trends in Vue.js development. With over 25 speakers covering topics ranging from testing and major updates to usability and error checking, attendees can expect 18+ hours of tech talks. The summit caters to a diverse audience, including team leads, CTOs, backend developers, and Vue.js enthusiasts.

Webdevcon 2024

Webdevcon 2024

During the event attendees can expect an immersive experience, bringing together industry experts, innovators, and enthusiasts to delve into the latest trends and advancements in these dynamic fields. With confirmed speakers like Beppe Catanese, Christian Woerz, and Lily Chen, and topics ranging from Serverless and CI/CD to AI/ML and Cloud Security, the conference aims to provide valuable insights and networking opportunities for all attendees.

NG-Conf 2024

NGConf 2024

NG-conf is set to be a pivotal event where the Angular community congregates. With sessions spanning two days and workshops preceding the conference, attendees have the opportunity to engage with Angular experts, including members of the Angular Team and prominent figures within the community. This double-track conference focuses on fostering collaboration, learning the latest Angular developments, expanding networks, and honing skills, making it an essential gathering for Angular enthusiasts worldwide.


The diverse array of conferences and meetups listed offers something for everyone, from those deeply entrenched in the Scala ecosystem to developers and architects exploring the cutting-edge of software design and development. By participating in these events, attendees not only stand to gain valuable insights into the latest trends and technologies but also have the unique opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, share ideas, and forge relationships that could shape the future of their careers.

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