Scalendar Scala conferences 2024

Scalendar August 2023

Scalendar Scala conferences 2024

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What’s in store for the Architecture, Frontend, Go & Scala Conferences in August?

Welcome to our exclusive monthly tech events newsletter! Embrace the summer sun as we bring you a handpicked selection of cutting-edge conferences and events in August. Dive deep into Scala, Software Architecture, Frontend development, and the exciting world of Go programming language. Elevate your expertise and indulge your hunger for knowledge with our carefully curated calendar.


Scala in the City

Discover the essence of scala conferences in August. Meet ITV’s Scala Engineer, James Eales, who will reveal ITV’s inner workings. Explore the “NQueens Combinational Puzzle Meets Cats” with Philip Schwarz. Scala Engineer Sarah Edwards will also share her ITV Scala developer experience, focusing on training and development.

scala conferences 2023

Kraków Scala Users Group

Join the Kraków Scala Users Group for an informal Scala get-together at the 2022/2023 season finale celebration! No scheduled talks, just a laid-back atmosphere to discuss Scala and share insights. 

scala conferences august 2023

The Atlanta Scala Meetup Group

The Atlanta Scala Meetup is where Scala practitioners come together to connect, learn, and network. The community is about fostering meaningful connections with like-minded individuals and staying updated on cutting-edge technologies.

Mark your calendars for the first Tuesday of every month at 7 PM Eastern. While the meetup concept remains open-ended, the goal is to blend community involvement, captivating speakers, and interactive workshops to ensure an enriching experience.

scala conferences 2023

Software Architecture

Dev Up

Developers and other technologists congregate at the technology conference Dev Up to gain knowledge, make connections, and find inspiration. Our objective is to offer a forum for software development teams to learn new things, expand their expertise, and build relationships that will advance their technical prowess and craft.

The conference examines a broad range of technologies, such as

  • Platforms for developing cloud applications like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS),
  • Development tools like: Microsoft.NET, Java, Rust, and numerous other platforms and languages,
  • Best practices for DevOps using GitHub, Jira, and Azure DevOps,
  • Best practices for Agile project management,
  • Platforms with little or no coding, such as the Microsoft Power Platform.

There are numerous other modern instruments, methods, and best practices that development teams will find helpful.

scala conferences august  2023

Copenhagen Developers Festival

In the center of Copenhagen, NDC is hosting its inaugural Developer Festival! It will be unlike any other event because it will have more than 110 gifted lecturers and performers worldwide! Use your ticket for concerts, tech sessions, and workshops! There is much to learn, whether you go during the day and extend your experience into the evening or join after hours.

Copenhagen Developers Festival

Software Architecture Conference 

Learn about the newest techniques influencing software architecture. Join us as we examine cutting-edge methods for creating solid and durable systems in today’s fast-paced digital environment. Use the most recent trends and strategies to revolutionize your software development process.

conferences august 2023


The topics of FrOSCon are free software and open source (Free and Open Source Software Conference). The computer science department at the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg organizes an engaging program with talks and workshops for visitors of all ages every August with the help of FrOSCon e.V. The culmination of the event is fair with exhibits from FLOSS projects and businesses. The Saturday night social gathering provides the chance to discuss ideas with other attendees, presenters, or volunteers.

conferences august 2023


Front Conference Zurich

The organizers created a conference with the slogan “Where design meets technology” for everyone involved, from concept to frontend implementation. The objective was to bring both sides together through discussions and seminars on topics ranging from Angular to Zapier and from Affordance to Zeplin.

They now cover management subjects, including UX strategy, IT governance, and design leadership.

frontend conferences august 2023

React Rally

React Rally is a community conference about React and subjects of interest to React developers. They emphasize a warm, welcoming environment, intriguing speeches from emerging and seasoned speakers, and lots of hallway-track time to mingle with interesting people. 

frontend conferences august 2023

VUE.JS forge conference

The Vue.js Forge 4 Conference, powered by Kadena, is back for its 4th edition on 2-3rd August. This 2-day, hackathon-style event allows participants to build a Decentralized Kickstarter Clone with Web 3 using Vue.js. The conference is organized by Vue School and sponsored by Grafbase, Sauce Labs, Kadena, and Rollbar.

While working on a real-world application, participants will get hands-on experience with the latest Vue.js stack, including Vite, Nuxt.js, and Pinia. There will be live coding sessions, expert advice, and the chance to meet and network with other developers and mentors throughout the event. Whether you’re new to Vue.js or an experienced developer, Vue.js Forge offers a valuable learning experience and a chance to test your skills.

Take advantage of this opportunity to dive into decentralized web development with Vue.js and Web 3. Register now and join this exciting event to level up your Vue.js skills and build a crowdfunding app.

frontend conferences august 2023

Web Summer Camp 2023

Web Summer Camp 23 offers excellent hands-on workshops and in-depth lectures by internationally renowned specialists on timely web industry subjects. You and your buddy will have a lot of fun and networking possibilities.


During your first two days, you’ll participate in hands-on workshops with web design and development professionals in UX, Javascript, PHP, and Symfony. A round table debate on significant web business trends is featured in the Tech Forum.


Web architecture, design, AI, and other pertinent topics are presented to you by professionals in the field.

frontend events august 2023


Join the community at Meetup #106 on August 9, 2023, hosted at Google for Startups Campus Warsaw. This event offers a safe space for individuals to enhance their JavaScript skills. Three expert speakers will cover topics such as optimizing video localization with ML and AWS Batch, exploring the local-first architecture paradigm for web apps, and embracing Vite for a better frontend developer experience. Take advantage of this opportunity to network and grow your skills! See you there at 18:30, Plac Konesera 10, Warsaw.

frontend meetups august 2023


GopherCon UK conference

GopherCon UK 2023 is returning for its 8th annual conference from August 16th to August 18th at The Brewery, City of London. The conference offers three days of learning, three simultaneous tracks, and more than 24 hand-picked speakers.

On Wednesday, August 16th, participants can attend full-day training workshops in two tracks. The first track, “Ultimate Service with Kubernetes,” led by William Kennedy from Ardan Labs, focuses on building production-level services in Go, focusing on macro-level engineering decisions. The second track, “Practical Go for Developers,” led by Miki Tebeka from Ardan Labs, is designed for experienced developers who want to get started with Go through various exercises.

The leading conference occurs on Thursday and Friday, August 17th and 18th. The conference days feature three tracks with various talks covering topics like memory management in Go, structured logging, debugging, and security. Attendees will have the opportunity to network, learn from industry experts, and participate in the raffle by conference sponsors.

GopherCon UK 2023 promises an immersive and valuable experience for Go developers of all skill levels. So take advantage of this chance to enhance your Go knowledge, meet like-minded developers, and participate in this exciting event. Grab your tickets now and secure your spot!

go events august 2023

Frontend, Architecture, Go, Scala Conferences in August 2023

Embrace the summer sun and get ready for some cutting-edge conferences and meetups that will blow your mind! We’ve got some Scala conferences happening in the UK and Poland, and you want to attend the Go conferences in London! Whether you’re into functional programming or want to explore the exciting world of Go, we’ve got you covered! Join us for mind-blowing software architecture talks, frontend development goodness, and more! From Vue.js Forge Conference to the epic GopherCon UK 2023, there’s something for everyone in the tech community! So, please mark your calendars, grab your tickets, and let’s geek out together at these events! See you there!

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