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Growing the Scala Community: Insights from Scalac’s US Initiatives

Scala events

Scala, a powerful programming language, is gaining popularity in the tech industry. Scalac, a leading software engineering company, co-organized an event in the Bay Area. Additionally, Scalac participated in Scala Days, where one of its talented speakers showcased their expertise. Not to mention periodically organizing two Scala & Functional Programming focused meetups: Functional World & ScaLatin.

In this article, we will delve into the details of these events and highlight how Scalac establishes itself as a US-based company actively engaged in the Scala community.

Co-Organizing an Inspiring Scala Event in the Bay Area

The Scala community eagerly awaited the return of SF Scala in person! As a proud co-organizer, Scalac was thrilled to participate in this event. The gathering brought together Scala enthusiasts, developers, and industry experts to explore the latest trends, share knowledge, and foster collaborations. SF Scala occurred on June 8, 2023, at LaunchDarkly’s Oakland office. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with fellow Scala enthusiasts and immerse themselves in the vibrant Scala ecosystem.

Now let’s talk in detail about the talks that were the source of inspiration at the SF Scala Meetup!

Read insights from an exclusive interview featuring Lucas Kuczera, CEO of Scalac, where he provides insights into the future of technological innovation and Scalac’s journey to success.

Unveiling the Power of Ducktape – Boosting Productivity in Scala

One of the highlights of SF Scala was the captivating talk titled “Ducktape – Holding Scala’s Productivity Together.” This session, delivered by Aleksander Rainko, a skilled Software Engineer at Scalac, explored an innovative approach to tackling everyday development challenges. Rainko’s talk highlighted minimizing code redundancy and enhancing productivity by leveraging metaprogramming and type-level programming techniques in Scala. Attendees discovered the power of Ducktape’s macro-based library, simplified data transformations, and significantly improved the development workflow. 

A Glimpse into Metaprogramming with Holden Karau

SF Scala offers an extraordinary opportunity to learn from industry experts. Holden Karau, a renowned computer scientist and author based in San Francisco, CA, delivered an intriguing talk on “Metaprogramming — Making Easy Problems Hard Enough to Get Promoted (w/ Spark & Friends).” Karau, widely recognized for her work on Apache Spark, shared her insights on automating upgrades using metaprogramming techniques. Attendees gained valuable knowledge on transforming simple problems into complex ones that demonstrated their skills and contributed to their professional growth. They joined Karau for an entertaining and enlightening session that inspired them to tackle challenges with a creative mindset.

Engaging with the Scala Center

At Scalac, fostering collaboration and supporting the Scala community are top priorities. Therefore, it is no surprise that Scala Center was also present at the meetup. The Scala Center, with its mission to guide and support contributors, ensures Scala’s continuous growth and development. Attendees could meet and engage with Scala Center representatives, including Anatolii Kmetiuk, James Thompson, and Guillaume Martres. These Scala experts shed light on the Scala Center’s ongoing projects and shared ways for enthusiasts, developers, and industry stakeholders to contribute to the Scala ecosystem. This interaction served as a valuable platform to strengthen relationships and pave the way for future collaborations.

ScalaDays San Francisco

Meetups in San Francisco & ScalaDays in Seattle 

This journey has been incredibly productive and has provided us with valuable opportunities to connect with industry giants such as Disney Streaming, Databricks, Tesla Energy, Credit Karma, Starbucks, LaunchDarkly, and Rockdb. Each of these companies has offered unique perspectives and exciting prospects for collaboration.

We are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming meetings on our agenda. Our focus extends beyond establishing mere contacts; we are actively building enduring relationships and promoting the immense value that Scala brings to the table. Every interaction is an opportunity to pave the way for future Scala projects, creating new avenues for collaboration and fostering growth within the Scala community.

In addition to our business meetings, in June, we participated in Scala Days and several local meetups in San Francisco. These gatherings have been buzzing with innovative ideas, and we are excited to bring these insightful discussions back to our team. 

Signing off 

Scalac’s recent activities in the US highlight its commitment to the Scala community and its passion for driving innovation in Scala development. By co-organizing the SF Scala event, featuring insightful talks from skilled speakers like Aleksander Rainko and Holden Karau, and actively engaging with the Scala Center, Scalac is honored to nurture the community our developers are a part of. 

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