Partners in Code: Scalac’s Approach to Scala Outsourcing

Think of Scala development as the art of gourmet cooking. While many can whip up a decent meal, crafting a Michelin-star-worthy dish demands expertise, precision, and passion. Similarly, while a host of developers might dabble in Scala, achieving true mastery requires a depth of experience and understanding. This is where the magic of scala outsourcing comes into play, transforming potential into prowess.

Outsourcing is more than just delegation; it’s about forging powerful partnerships. By joining forces with a seasoned Scala outsourcing powerhouse like Scalac, businesses gain access to knowledge, best practices, and cutting-edge skills. It’s like having a master chef by your side, ensuring every software dish is exquisite.

Scalac’s Impact: Real-World Case Studies & Client Testimonials

scala outsourcing case study

Liga Digital: Achieving High Scalability and Beyond

Liga Digital’s journey was one of ambition, vision, and challenges. As they navigated the complex terrains of ERP software, they encountered obstacles, particularly scalability and reliability. 

Challenges Liga Digital Faced

Despite its inherent strengths and capabilities, Liga Digital grappled with dated deployment methodologies and inconsistent orchestration methods. These weren’t mere technical glitches but formidable barriers affecting user satisfaction and bottom-line results.

Scalac’s Solution and Results

Enter Scalac. With a deep dive into the root causes and a comprehensive strategy in place, Scalac transformed Liga Digital’s challenges into success stories. They didn’t just provide solutions; they changed processes, optimizing deployment techniques and ensuring scalability became a tangible, achievable reality.

Client Testimonials

Julian Servatius’ feedback shines a spotlight on Scalac’s impeccable scala outsourcing & consulting services. From scaling teams with senior engineers to ensuring timely deliveries and effective communication, Scalac’s commitment to excellence is evident. Their professionalism, reliability, and seamless integration into existing teams make them the go-to choice for businesses worldwide. With tools like video calls, Slack, and Jira, they ensure communication is smooth, efficient, and timely.

scala outsourcing case study

Conduktor: Migrating Legacy Codebase

Every legacy system carries the weight of its past; for Conduktor, this weight was becoming a hindrance. Their dedication to simplifying Apache Kafka processes was evident, but their outdated Java code slowed them down like an anchor.

Who is Conduktor?

Beyond being a platform, Conduktor is a testament to the power of passion. Founded by Apache Kafka enthusiasts, this remote company had a clear vision: to make Kafka accessible and user-friendly. Their global network of professionals was dedicated, but they needed a partner to help them overcome their technical challenges.

Challenges and Scalac’s Role in Overcoming Them

Legacy systems, while reliable, often need more agility of modern systems. Conduktor’s challenges weren’t unique, but they were significant. Their Java code, while functional, needed to be more efficient. Scalac’s role was pivotal. With a blend of expertise and collaboration, they migrated Conduktor’s legacy code to Scala and ensured the new system was agile, efficient, and robust.

Client Testimonials

Few things speak more loudly in the Scala outsourcing world than glowing client feedback, and the recommendation from Roch Dardié, the Engineering Manager at Conduktor, is a prime example. Based in France, Conduktor is a software firm with a substantial workforce, suggesting a sizable operational scale and high expectations from its partners.

Describing Scalac as a “best-in-class Scala team” underscores their technical proficiency and positions them at the pinnacle of Scala service providers. Such a commendation, especially from a reputable engineering manager, carries significant weight. It’s evident that Scalac’s outputs aren’t just satisfactory; they’re described as “perfect.” In the intricate world of software development, where the tiniest oversight can lead to significant complications, achieving perfection is no small feat.

The emphasis on Scalac’s senior engineers further attests to their depth of expertise. Experienced engineers are the backbone of any successful software project, bringing in-depth knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and foresight to anticipate and mitigate potential challenges.

However, Scalac’s excellence isn’t confined to just technical capabilities. Roch Dardié’s feedback highlights the human aspect of Scalac’s operations – they care for their team. A content and well-cared-for team invariably translates to better outputs, greater efficiency, and higher dedication to client projects.

Diving into the specifics of the engagement, Scalac’s role was multifaceted. From IT consulting to hands-on software development, their involvement was comprehensive. They showcased their prowess by designing and building an in-memory message broker service for Conduktor, a technically demanding task that underscores Scalac’s advanced capabilities. Furthermore, their proactive approach to creating solutions to technical issues and conducting thorough testing ensures a holistic service delivery.

scala outsourcing case study

Ematiq: Building Ultra-Low Latency Systems

The world of sports betting is frenetic. Speed isn’t just an advantage; it’s a necessity. Ematiq, with its ambitious vision, needed a system that could keep up with the fast-paced demands of its industry.

The Technical Challenge

Building a low-latency system is challenging, but Ematiq’s requirements were even more stringent. They needed an ultra-low latency message broker, a system that could process massive amounts of data in the blink of an eye. The technical complexity of such a project is immense, requiring a deep understanding of both software and the specific demands of the sports betting industry.

Scalac’s Iterative Process and Results

Scalac’s strategy was rooted in understanding. Before diving into development, they took the time to understand Ematiq’s vision, challenges, and industry demands. Armed with this knowledge, they adopted an iterative approach, building the system step by step, and refining it with each iteration. The result was a message broker that met and exceeded Ematiq’s expectations, setting new industry standards for speed and reliability.

Client Testimonials

Scalac’s work with Ematiq was not just about delivering a service; it was about understanding the core challenges faced by the company and crafting tailored solutions. Ematiq’s business operations hinged on minimizing latency, and Scalac rose to the occasion, enabling them to achieve this critical goal. But Scalac’s expertise continued further. They went on to help Ematiq attain a robust codebase, paving the way for further optimization and ensuring the firm was equipped to handle future challenges easily.

What’s particularly noteworthy is the comprehensive nature of Scalac’s engagement. Their involvement spanned IT consulting, software development, and even in-depth testing. They designed and built an in-memory message broker service for Ematiq, showcasing their ability to handle complex, technical projects. Additionally, they proactively addressed technical issues, ensuring Ematiq had a seamless experience.

However, it wasn’t just the technical prowess of Scalac that stood out. Martin Major’s feedback underscores the human aspect of Scalac’s approach. The team at Scalac was friendly and constructively addressed project challenges, always keeping Ematiq’s best interests at the forefront. Such an approach is a testament to Scalac’s client-centric ethos, where technical excellence is complemented by genuine care and commitment to client success.

Staff Augmentation: A Seamless Extension of Your Team

Regarding enhancing team capabilities, Scalac’s staff augmentation services stand out. As Julian Servatius, CEO of LIGADIGITAL, attests, Scalac’s prowess in finding and integrating expert candidates into existing teams is unparalleled. Whether it’s development, software architecture, or DevOps roles, Scalac’s process is streamlined, effective, and tailored.

The Scalac Approach

At the heart of Scalac’s staff augmentation services lies a deep understanding of client needs. Clients outline their requirements, and Scalac swings into action, scouring their talent pool to find the perfect fit. But it’s not just about finding candidates; it’s about integrating them seamlessly into the client’s team, ensuring smooth operations, efficient communication, and optimal results.

Conclusion: Taking the Next Step with Scalac

Partnering with Scalac doesn’t just mean getting a project done; it means undertaking a journey of collaboration, and success. Scalac, with its vast reservoir of expertise, passion, and a proven track record, will be the guiding hand. Whether outsourcing entire projects or augmenting existing teams with top-tier talent, we are the partner businesses need.


1. Why is Scala development crucial for modern businesses?

   – Scala offers a blend of functional and object-oriented programming, making it versatile and efficient. Its scalability, robustness, and seamless integration with Java make it a top choice for forward-thinking businesses.

2. What sets Scalac apart in Scala outsourcing & development?

   – Beyond their unparalleled technical expertise, Scalac’s collaborative approach, unwavering commitment to client success, and vast experience make them a standout choice in the Scala development arena.

3. How does Scalac maintain the gold standard in service quality?

   – Quality is in Scalac’s DNA. Through rigorous testing, continuous feedback loops, and adherence to best practices, they ensure that every project is of the highest caliber.

4. Can Scalac integrate with in-house teams?

   – Absolutely. Scalac champions collaboration, seamlessly merging with in-house teams to enhance productivity and drive project success.

5. Is scala outsourcing with Scalac more cost-effective than in-house development?

   – Often, yes. By tapping into Scalac’s specialized expertise, businesses can achieve superior results without the overheads of recruiting, training, and retaining a full-time team. The ROI with Scalac is impressive in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness.

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