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What is Scalac Summer Camp

Scalac Camp is our proprietary internship program for students who want to learn Scala from the basics.

During Scalac Summer Camp you will:

Learn Scala language and develop real projects using Scala
Get knowledge on functional programming elements
Learn how to make code review to make your code better and help your teammates
Discover Agile methodologies and learn how to develop software in a smart way

Who is the Scalac Summer Camp for?

We decided to create it because we love to share knowledge and we are functional programming passionates. We have made it for people who want to practice with real coding and real projects, in response to market needs and to be well prepared for entering the IT market and taking the first steps into the commercial world. We believe that the Scala programming language is something worth investing in.

What is the purpose of Scalac Summer Camp?

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Opportunity for talented people
We give the opportunity to talented and passionate people, who want to learn Scala, to gain practical experience, and even find their dream job.
Support for students
We support students on their way into the IT world, even if they are at the beginning of their adventure into learning programming.
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Promoting functional programming
We enlarge the functional programming community by teaching coding in Scala as early as possible.
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Chance to find great specialists
For us, Scalac Camp is a great chance to find real scala programming geeks, who we can help during their first steps, who could ultimately stay with us and increase our team of great specialists in the future.
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Quick story about Scalac Summer Camp

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First Edition

The first edition was organized during the summer of 2019. We invited students to our HQ in Gdańsk. The first edition gathered together 11 trainees during the first, more theoretical part of the camp, and 5 of these also took part in the second, definitely more practical part. Thanks to the camp they got a lot of new experience and great knowledge that they can use during their studies while searching for a new job or in their own projects!

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Success of the participants

And lastly! 3 of them have found their dream job – here, at Scalac! They have become Scala programmers. This is, of course, possible because the cooperation worked well for both sides during the whole camp – we are fully open to proposing longer cooperation and to stay with us in Scalac, in order to gain more experience even after the camp.

What the process looks like:

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Join the Scalac Camp and code with us for 2 months
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Take part in the first talk with our recruiter
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Solve our recruitment task and get a review from our developer
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Take part in a SCRUM workshop
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Join a technical interview with a professional programmer (optional)
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Join Scalac as an employee! Only for the best :)

A few words from our interns’s success stories:

scala expert
Patryk Kirszenstein
“After SSC I’m Scalacer, the programmer not in company but in family. SSC showed me that studies are oriented on old solutions and the theory of IT, SSC shows me a practical, modern approach to software development. A real programmer job is quite different, more fun but also more challenging. At this moment I recommend SSC every way to open minds.”
junior scala developer
Anna Sekulska
“Primarily Scalac Summer Camp was an amazing technical adventure where I met many interesting people. It helped me not only to start learning a new programming language but above all I learned how to work on a real project. The best and the most surprising was the way Scalac Summer Camp was organized. From the first days we were treated like a real team. I was feeling the importance of the project entrusted to us and I needed to be as a professional developer. [...] It was a great technical challenge and very well preparation to future work.”
Scala Developer
Krzysztof Ziółkowski
“Scalac Summer Camp was a great opportunity to see how real work looks like. It wasn't only about writing code. The camp gave me opportunities to develop myself in non-tech fields like Agile, Scrum, and feeling a sense of being part of a team.”
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Do you want to get info about the next edition, leave the contact.

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