Functional Programming Languages Sentiment Ranking

The only ranking on the web, based on sentiment, not popularity. Find out which functional language is loved and which gathers the most negative feedback.

This ranking is the first update of the Functional Programming Languages Sentiment Ranking published in April 2021. 

The sentiment analysis mechanism behind the ranking is based on the most popular achievements related to artificial intelligence – i.e., deep learning networks and embedding. 

We’ve been gathering data for 3 months and have analyzed 160,556 mentions, which have given us insights into 14 functional programming languages (2 more languages than in the previous edition of the ranking). We have aggregated them using the sentiment analysis feature in Brand24.  

Key takeaways

Most Loved
With 55% of positive mentions, Swift wins first place in people’s hearts being the most positive of the bunch.
Not on track anymore
Compared to the previous ranking, most of all Elm has lost its good reputation. Its number of positive mentions has decreased by 7%.
Rising stars
Everyone has their five minutes of fame, so while Elm is not on track anymore, Clojure and Idris have gained more positive feedback than previously - 3% more positive mentions.
Most popular
The most talked-about functional language is Swift, with 51,605 mentions.
Black sheep
The language with the most negative sentiment is PureScript, with 14.88 % of negative mentions.
The newbies
F# and Rescript debuted in our ranking. And it’s not a bad debut. F# is the second most loved language, and Rescript sits comfortably in the middle.


Daniel Ciocîrlan Rock The JVM
Daniel Ciocîrlan

Founder & Instructor at Rock The JVM

This report confirms what I've also found in my own experience as an instructor at Rock the JVM: Scala is an expressive and powerful language, and once people get a taste of it, they rarely go back to anything else. Of course, like anything else in tech, there's room for improvement. Because of its power and almost limitless capability, Scala can seem quite daunting to beginners - on this front, it's up to educators like myself to contribute to the community and make the learning process easier and smoother for newcomers.
Zuka Kakabadze
Zuka Kakabadze

Founder & CTO at

Functional programming makes code modular and composable, and this can result in an exponential increase in software development productivity. It's interesting to see how functional programming concepts are propagating across more and more programming languages. This research is a key indicator of how to measure the heartbeat, and it tells us that the sentiment is mostly positive. This data can allow language developers to learn from each other's successes, as well as mistakes.
Jakub Czuchnowski
Jakub Czuchnowski

CTO & Co-founder at Scalac

The second edition of our index didn't bring any revolutionary changes. Also hardly any evolutionary. It's too early to identify trends yet, but we're getting there. The new entry of F# at second place is not a surprise. It's well known that both the language and the community are liked and respected. On the other hand Rescript, while far away from the top, is the top FP language on the frontend. I'm quite happy to see it as I would very like to see more adoption of it. Clojure noted the biggest change. Is this a glitch or a trend? We'll keep an eye on that. Scala vs Kotlin is still a close call. So what's next? As I mentioned before, once we have more data, we'll be able to identify trends. I think it would also be interesting to see these changes overlayed with a timeline of events (conferences etc.) for every ecosystem. Also maybe we could start an annual Most Positive Influencer Award? Let me know on Twitter @jczuchnowski.

Functional Programming Languages Sentiment Ranking

Most positive
Most negative
0 20 40 60 80 100
Positive rank
Negative rank
Programming language
Positive mentions
Negative mentions
Number of mentions

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