ZIO Fundamentals training course

Licensed by Ziverge

Learn to build modern ZIO-based applications 

Build applications which are resilient, efficient, testable and highly-performant using the ZIO library, taking advantage of its great type safety, ergonomics and flexibility!

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Upon completion of this training, you will be able to build modern ZIO-based applications that are highly performant, resilient, efficient, easy to understand and to test 

Gain the ability to build applications which never block threads nor produce deadlocks or leak resources, following at the same time best practices on managing errors and dependencies.

Who Should Attend?

Scala developers wishing to build modern, solid, testable, and highly-performant applications using the ZIO library.


Good working knowledge of Scala, including familiarity with immutable data, pattern matching, and basic recursion.


The basics of ZIO Functional Effects

Error Management: Use the full power of the Scala Compiler to help you to deal with errors!

Error Management: Separating Recoverable Errors from Non-Recoverable Errors

Using types to enforce business constraints

Safe Resource Management: Making Resource Leaks impossible!

Efficient Concurrency and Parallelism with ZIO Fibers

Modularity and Dependency Management

Sharing state in concurrent scenarios without deadlocks or race conditions

Control flow handling

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Author - Scalac Team

Scalac is recognized to be and, for many years, has been one of the most active contributors to the ZIO global community. Scalac has developed the course in partnership with the ZIO author and Ziverge founder John de Goes. Scalac is licensed to perform John’s training based on the company's partnership agreement.


3 hours for 5 days


650€ per person

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Trainer - Jorge Vasquez

Software Engineering Expert in functional programming, Scala fan, contributor to ZIO, the library that's making Functional Programming in Scala more accessible to developers. Speaker at top industry events: Functional Scala, ZIO World, Functional World and Micro Sphere.it

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3 hours for 5 days


650€ per person

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