Scala 3 for Scala Developers

Licensed by Ziverge

In 2020, the well known Dotty project, after 8 years of research and development, finally became Scala 3.

Scala 3 is the largest update to the Scala programming language in more than a decade.

scala 3 training for scala developers
scala expert

Scala 3 is getting a lot of updates, and a lot of new features.

It’s going to be mostly backwards compatible but some features are going to disappear (like Scala 2.x macros). Prepare yourself, and your company for what’s new. Prepare your company for migration, to provide an instant competitive advantage thanks to all the benefits of Scala 3.

This course is a high-speed introduction for Scala developers.

Who should attend?

Scala developers interested in Scala 3, Scala developers that want to prepare to migrate from Scala 2, in short, Scala developers who need immersion in Scala 3.


Working knowledge of Scala 2.x.


Intersection, union, and dependent function types


Given imports

Inlining, macros & staging

Given instances & using clauses

Implicit conversions

Extension methods

Trait parameters

Dropped & deprecated features

Type class encoding

Syntactic changes

Type lambdas


Author - Scalac Team & John de Goes

The course was created by John de Goes, author of ZIO, founder of Ziverge. Speaker, influencer, a professional software developer with more than 25 years of experience. Scalac is licensed to perform John’s training based on the partnership agreement between companies.


3 hours for 5 days


650€ per person

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Trainer - Piotr Golebiewski

Software Consultant with more than 10 years of experience in several programming languages (of which more than 5 in Scala). Contributor to ZIO, a type-safe, composable library for asynchronous and concurrent programming in Scala. Speaker at industry events - ZIO World, Scala Love, Functional World.

Piotr Gołębiewski Scala expert

3 hours for 5 days


650€ per person

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