Scala 2 for Java Developers

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With a strong type-system, generic and meta-programming abilities, and expressive, very concise syntax it is a tool of choice for many big-tech companies.

scala training for java developers
scala training for java developers

Why it’s worth learning Scala:

  • The language was specially developed to remove the restrictiveness of Java, offering a well-organized and cleaner language.
  • One of the highest salaries in the IT business – according to the 2020 Developer Survey by StackOverflow, Scala Developers are considered the most valuable, they are paid the most
  • Scala is in the top 10 languages developers want to learn (listed 6th – a go-to language for Developers – according to 2020 HackerRank Developer Skills Report, 18.7% of developers would like to learn Scala
  • With Scala, you can encode the same tasks as in Java in a much cleaner and more concise way. Less boilerplate means less noise in your code which dramatically improves code readability. 
  • Scala provides interoperability and compatibility with Java, which means Java developers can keep their libraries and gradually migrate their codebases.
  • So why would you use Scala instead of Java for the JVM? Scala gives you more powerful tools to abstract which enables you to focus on the intent instead of the mechanics.
  • Modern applications should take advantage of multicore machines they’re running on. Scala gives you powerful abstractions to execute code in parallel with the built-in Future (thread-based model) or effect system libraries (fiber-based model).

This course is a high-speed introduction for Java Developers.

Who Should Attend?

Software developers interested in Scala 2, Java developers that want to prepare to migrate to Scala.


Experience with any programming language.



Java interop


Control-flow operators

Scala type system

Functions and methods


Data modeling

Pattern matching

Null handling

Error handling





Higher order

Dependency injection


Type class encoding

DSL encoding

Effect systems


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One of the biggest Scala Software Houses in the world. Established 7 years ago, now has more than 90 completed projects, 120 people on board from all over the world. Rated 5/5 on Clutch.


2d, 8h/each


750 $

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Piotr Gołębiewski

The course was created by Piotr Gołębiewski, a Software Consultant with more than 10 years of experience in several programming languages (of which more than 5 in Scala). Contributor to ZIO, a type-safe, composable library for asynchronous and concurrent programming in Scala. Speaker at industry events – ZIO World, Scala Love, Functional World, Functional Scala.


2d, 8h/each


750 $

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scala training for java developers

Scala for Java Developers

Scala is in the top 10 languages developers want to learn. Scala Developers are also offered the highest salaries. Learn Scala. Learn why.

DATE: Tue, May 4, 2021, 9:00 AM – Wed, May 5, 2021, 5:00 PM CEST
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