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Why Choose LATAM?

With a large talent pool of over 1 million skilled developers, excellent English proficiency, high-quality engineering expertise, and a favorable business environment, LATAM offers numerous advantages for your outsourcing needs.

Advantages for your outsourcing needs

Cost-Efficiency & Quality

LATAM offers 56% lower salaries compared to the US without compromising quality. Our skilled developers deliver expert-level quality, working in your time zone for timely project completion.

Thriving Tech Sector

LATAM’s booming tech industry attracts global companies with high-quality services at competitive prices, with a year-on-year increase in the English Proficiency Index and at least a moderate level of English language skills in 65% of LATAM countries. Effective communication & collaboration ensured.

Convenient Timezone

LATAM offers a workday overlap with the US, ensuring seamless collaboration and real-time communication: no delays, efficient project management, and increased productivity.

Discover the Power of IT Outsourcing in LATAM
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Scalac's Expertise in LATAM

As a leading IT outsourcing provider, Scalac has a strong presence in the LATAM market. With our experienced talent acquisition and retention team, we ensure that only the best developers join our ranks.

Our CEO and office are located in the US, allowing for seamless communication and project management.

With 9 years of experience in the IT market, a team of over 100 engineers, and a successful track record of delivering projects, Scalac is your trusted partner for IT outsourcing in the LATAM market.

9 years of experience in the IT market
team of over 100 engineers
successful track record of delivering over 90 projects

Ready to Get Started?

Download our comprehensive guide to IT Outsourcing on the LATAM market to learn more about the benefits and opportunities that await you.

Discover the Power of IT Outsourcing in LATAM
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Case Studies

To illustrate the effectiveness of our outsourcing services, let's look at a case study.

A healthcare company based in Washington, D.C., faced the challenge of recruiting 40 engineers, including Scala developers, for their new projects. With tight deadlines and a scarcity of local talent, they turned to Scalac for assistance.

Within a month, we provided 2 Tech Leads and 6 Senior Developers to design the architecture and main components. In the following month, we onboarded 5 more Senior Developers to start working on coding tasks. Today, a dedicated team of 40 engineers, including Scalac and client developers, are working collaboratively to deliver exceptional results.

2 Tech Leads and 6 Senior Developers in 1 month
5 more Senior Developers in the next month
Dedicated team of 40 engineers in less than a year
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Delivering exceptional tech skills with a lot of empathy

Here is the story of how Scalac helped Bexio develop the payroll system. Scalac helps companies build future-proof IT projects.

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