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  • Backend Climber

    Backend Climber path

    You are the hard “code” passionate. You discover new territories, climbing individually or with your team. You packed your bag of the best dev tools to be a strong backend for your users, as well as for your team. Your way is a various combination of precision, inventiveness, challenge, cooperation and open-minded approach.

  • Clojure Explorer

    Clojure Explorer path

    Exploration this is the way you rock! Breaking all of the set patterns, inspiring new solutions brings you a great satisfaction. When you travel, you never stop. Boredom it’s not the destination located on your trip map. Travelling alone or in a team? That’s not the point because both of this options sound cool for you.

  • Mobile Hiker

    Mobile Hiker path

    Hiking is your lifestyle and you build this lifestyle among mobiles users. We can say you inititate an amazing hiking trips for mobile society. This is a long way trip related to permanent change. And you move this change forward. You hike alone or in a mobile team with one main purpose ahead – making this trip exciting, cool & as intuitive as possible.

  • Frontend Observer

    Frontend Observer path

    You are an exact observer hungry for wide views, who transfer it to the frontend world. You are a codding painter, who make user world of technology more unique, attractive and friendly. You appreciate those precious moments of lonely journey of creativity as well as frontend team travelling.

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