Functional Effects (ZIO)

Licensed by Ziverge

ZIO library was mentioned on most Scala-related events, and after thousands of code lines, ZIO-related Hackathons, and since the 1.0 version, ZIO is finally gaining its momentum. More and more companies are starting to use the power of ZIO on commercial systems.

In our opinion, the ZIO library is the future of Functional Programming.
If you want to read more about what ZIO is, read more here.


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This course is for all Scala developers who want to learn how to solve complex problems in asynchronous, concurrent programming using the ZIO library. Upon completion of the course, attendees will be confident using the ZIO library (and similar libraries, like Monix or Cats IO) to build modern high-performance, asynchronous, concurrent applications that don’t block threads, don’t deadlock, and don’t leak resources; and which follow best practices regarding error management, thread management, and dependency management.

Who Should Attend?

Scala developers interested in ZIO, Scala developers that would like to write modern async, concurrent, and distributed applications that are robust, testable, and powerful.


Working knowledge of Scala.


Laziness of functional effects

Escaping callback hell

Using the compiler to help deal with errors

Separating recoverable errors from non-recoverable errors

Separating blocking code from async code

Safe handling of async and concurrent resources

Efficient concurrency and parallelism

Shared concurrent state without visibility issues, deadlocks, or race conditions

Testing functional effects

Retrying and repetition

Resource-safe, effectful, async streaming

Test-friendly dependency management



The course was created by John de Goes, author of ZIO, founder of Ziverge. Speaker, influencer, a professional software developer with more than 25 years of experience. Scalac is licensed to perform John’s training based on the partnership agreement between companies.


2 days, 8h each


650 € per person

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Trainer - Jorge Vasquez

Software Consultant with more than 10 years of experience in several programming languages (of which more than 5 in Scala). Contributor to ZIO, a type-safe, composable library for asynchronous and concurrent programming in Scala. Speaker at industry events - ZIO World, Scala Love, Functional World.

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2 days, 8h each


650 € per person

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