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Why do companies fear team extension?

Team extension – easy way to strengthen an in-house team Team extension is one of the fastest ways to strengthen an in-house team with experienced developers. This solution benefits companies in the growth phase, scaling quickly or opening a new project that cannot be built by an in-house engineering team. In that case, the help […]

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Scalendar February 2024

Event-driven Newsletter Welcome to the February edition of Scalendar, your comprehensive guide to the latest events in the worlds of Scala, Frontend, Software Architecture, and Go. Our compilation includes a variety of conferences, meetups, and workshops across the globe, as well as online, ensuring accessibility for everyone interested. Scala Conferences February 2024 Scala.io The 10th […]

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Getting started with ZIO HTTP

ZIO HTTP is a library for building HTTP applications in Scala. It started as a ZIO wrapper over the Netty library, developed at Dream11 for their high throughput, low latency services. Revealed in 2021 at Functional Scala, it made a great impression on the attendants not only because of the great type-safe DSL but also […]

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Scalac's Summary of 2023: The Road So Far

At the beginning of the new year, at Scalac we’re taking a look back for a moment to appreciate 2023 and what it brought. It was a bumpy ride at times, but the experiences and new perspectives we gathered along the way have been priceless. This is the ninth year for us as an expert […]

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Scalendar January 2024

Event-driven Newsletter Embark on a journey through the world of tech conferences, spanning diverse programming languages and technology domains. From Scala conferences in January 2024 in Hamburg, Dallas, London, and Atlanta to broader conferences like CodeMash, Voxxed Days Ticino, THAT Round Rock, NDC London, and specific JS and Go gatherings in Warsaw, Seattle, and Toronto, […]

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Advantage of Team-Extension: success through speed, cost-efficiency and quality.

Traditional hiring vs team-extension In the fiercely competitive arena of IT, companies grapple with strategies that will drive them ahead of the curve. The goal is straightforward yet immensely challenging: achieving operational excellence and innovation prowess. Herein, a pivotal factor emerges—the acquisition of top-tier talent proficient in driving tech objectives forward with expert skills. Choosing […]

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Scalendar December 2023

Event-driven Newsletter As we bid farewell to another year filled with technological evolution and groundbreaking innovations, we are happy to present the December edition of our monthly roundup, featuring key events from the realms of Scala, Software Architecture, Frontend, and Go. In this compilation, we capture the month, highlighting noteworthy conferences, meetups, and developments that […]

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Navigating the Future at Web Summit 2023: A First-Timer's Reflection

Insights and Reflections: My First Web Summit Experience Join me, a business development specialist from Scalac, on my first-ever journey through the buzzing halls of Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon. As I stepped into this ocean of innovation and opportunity, I was filled with a mix of excitement and curiosity. What unfolded over the next […]

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Scalac's Black Week: Exclusive Offers!

Scala, Java, Go and Rust experts for your project. This Black Week, Scalac is excited to offer some incredible deals that are just too good to pass up. Whether you’re looking to optimize your existing project or start a new one, we’ve got you covered with our special promotions. Check them out: 50% Discount on […]

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AI for programmers

Introduction – towards the using AI in software develompent With the growing discussions about the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into software development via tools like ChatGPT and Github Copilot, I have explored these AI-driven coding aids for some time. Initially, I engaged with Tabnine, a tool similar in function to Github Copilot, albeit a […]