25.01.2021 / By Daria Karasek

The Top Scalac's Posts of 2020

We’ve been writing more than ever this year with 36 articles about tech, business, and backstage at Scalac.

29.12.2020 / By Daria Karasek

How to achieve your goals by creating good habits instead of setting milestones

Did you know that about 40% of what we do every day we do automatically? Almost half of our life is taken up by habits that we've formed over our lifetime. People are simple creatures, and if something works, why not stick with it?

14.09.2020 / By Kasia Królikowska

5 things you should do to join Scalac

Every company has its own culture. So do we. We really love to work together as a team. Scalac started as a remote-friendly company without managers, and we continue with those values in mind. Remote work is only growing inside the company, and even though the flat structure isn’t that flat anymore you can still call our CEO by name, and we’ve got more roles rather than complicated structures. Startup atmosphere - as they call it - but we prefer to call it the Scalac’s atmosphere because we believe that the fact that we work hard, have fun, and do the right thing is something unique and great about our company.

13.09.2020 / By Maja Kryżan

Online events organization: 12 lessons learned

At Scalac, remote work has been a part of our everyday routine. And so were online events. Here are our do's and don't's on organizing online events.

22.07.2020 / By Daria Karasek

9 Of The Best Unknown Tools For Learning A New Language

Hola, Nǐ hǎo, Bonjour! Looking for the best tools to learn a new language? You definitely have heard of apps like Duolingo, Memrise, etc. But I'd like to share with you some useful tools and websites that aren’t so well-known and might be helpful when improving your language skills or learning a new language.

19.06.2020 / By Kasia Królikowska

The Whole Truth About Technical Interview Questions In 10 Minutes

Common stereotypes show that in the IT industry, effective communication skills are not strong points in the profile of a typical programmer. They need only to have solid technical skills to help them accomplish specific tasks and to create particular products. But it turns out that nothing could be more wrong.

20.04.2020 / By Daria Karasek

Scalac, Inc. Receives Another 5-Star Review on Clutch Profile

Here at Scalac, we know how to take your business to the next level. We specialize in IT staff augmentation, custom software development, data engineering, blockchain, and analytical dashboards to help give your company the best technology to keep growing. We work with clients of all sizes but focus mainly on helping mid-sized companies all around the globe accelerate time to market and expand.

20.01.2020 / By Michał Szulczewski

Working remotely - Simple guide for people who want to start but are afraid

I've been working remotely for Scalac for two and a half years. This has given me enough time to experience all the pros and cons of working from home. That includes figuring out how to behave when a problem is escalating on the other side of the screen, how to manage formal and informal communication and keeping my work-life balance healthy.

27.07.2017 / By Maciej Burda

How to review the code and not destroy the universe

Code review is (or at least should be) a common practice in the modern programming world. This is the place where the character and skills of different programmers meet. It’s meant to improve the quality and engage others to acknowledge the whole codebase in more practical means. But probably, just like me, you have encountered […]

22.05.2017 / By Patryk Jażdżewski

Public speaking for developers 101

Seasoned speakers have a saying “there are two groups of people: those who use speaking skills to improve their lives and those who are too scared to seize the opportunity”. I think it hits the mark. Communication skills are in high demand in every industry, from marketing to IT. For us, developers, good communication and […]