Navigating the Future at Web Summit 2023: A First-Timer’s Reflection

Insights and Reflections: My First Web Summit Experience

Join me, a business development specialist from Scalac, on my first-ever journey through the buzzing halls of Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon. As I stepped into this ocean of innovation and opportunity, I was filled with a mix of excitement and curiosity. What unfolded over the next few days was nothing short of a transformative experience, blending the latest trends in tech with the warmth of human connection.

The Scale of Innovation

Web Summit 2023 was nothing short of monumental. With over 70,000 attendees from 153 countries, spanning 16 stages, and showcasing 2,608 startups, it was a melting pot of global tech insights.I remember queuing for coffee in the midst of the bustling crowd, awestruck by the energy and diversity surrounding me.

The AI Revolution: AI was the undeniable star of the event, from Sales to Sports. I was particularly struck by a demonstration of an AI-powered analytics tool that promised to revolutionize how we approach data in business.

Beyond Technology – Human Connections: I believe that the heart of the Summit lay in its ability to foster human connections. Every conversation, whether at the Invest in Pomerania booth or while waiting to take a pic by the Web summit sign, was a gateway to new perspectives and enduring relationships. 

Critical Conversations: Significant discussions around the responsible use of technology underscored the event. With AI’s rapid expansion, conversations about regulation, risk assessment, and ethical responsibilities were timely and critical. These dialogues marked a significant step forward in shaping the future of tech.

Sustainability and Innovation: The emphasis on sustainability was both impressive and essential. I was particularly inspired by a startup showcasing a novel cleantech solution.

A Glimpse into the Future: The event offered a window into the future – from seamless multilingual communication to AI-augmented operations and visions of self-driving transportation. It was fascinating to see how AI tools are poised to bridge the gap between experts and novices, shaping the way we learn and work.

The Metaverse and VR: The Metaverse and VR held a prominent place at the Summit. Their steady presence signals that these technologies are more than just passing trends – they are integral parts of our evolving digital landscape.

Business Development Insights

Networking at Its Best: The event proved to be a networking powerhouse, providing unparalleled opportunities to connect with industry leaders and peers.

Staying Informed: It was vital to stay updated with the latest industry news, trends, and competition, which Web Summit facilitated exceptionally.

Brand Visibility: The event significantly boosted our brand visibility, particularly on social media.

Observing Startup Trends: Noticing trends among startups, especially the AI dominance, was insightful for future strategies.

Scalac's Fun!

Practical Takeaways

First Day Focus: The first day of Web Summit is crucial. With everyone in high spirits and full of energy, it’s the prime time for impactful conversations. In contrast, the subsequent days, though valuable for observing trends and gathering information, see a dip in energy levels.

The Power of Listening: Shifting the focus from selling to genuinely listening and understanding people’s stories and pain points made interactions more fruitful.

Building Partnerships: Web Summit was an excellent platform for exploring partnership opportunities and focusing on creating win-win situations.

App Utilization: The Web Summit app is a great pre-event planning tool. However, for meeting scheduling, its effectiveness was limited due to the event’s dynamic nature. The real advantage lay in using it to scan badges and save contacts for future follow-ups.

Documenting the Experience: Capturing as many moments as possible, both for immediate social media impact and future marketing, was essential. And fun.


These were demanding days, full of substantive conversations with partners, industry leaders, technological visionaries, and friends. Without them, this blog would not have been created, and the topics we talked about clearly outlined for me the path the industry is currently taking.

Web Summit 2023 was an exhilarating blend of learning, innovation, and networking. As a first-timer, I return to my home, Scalac’s home office enriched with insights and excited for future collaborations. I invite you to share your experiences or tips for such events! Let’s continue this conversation of innovation and growth together!

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Sylwia Wysocka
Sylwia Wysocka

Sylwia Wysocka a Business Development Specialist at Scalac, where I help businesses craft cutting-edge digital solutions. I'm a dedicated professional, passionate about understanding and exceeding client needs. Beyond work, I'm a nature enthusiast and a people person, finding joy and inspiration in the natural world around me.

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